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What are the components of a public health model?
Agent, Person, Environment
The agent in a public health model refers to what?
the drug
What two components are included under the person of a public health model?
Internal factors, external factors
What are internal factors?
things that arent changeable (gender, race, lacking enzymes, genetics, etc)
What are external factors?
things that are changeable (driving experience, drinking experience, family members, relationships,etc.)
What are some environmental factors in the public health model?
Physical setting, social factors/policies, religous, cultural, physical, legal, availibility of health care
Describe primary prevention
Preventing a problem completely
Describe secondary prevention
Early intervention (blood tests,etc)
Why is a public health model a good fit? (P.E.L.P.S.)
Population vs. Individual, Education, Levels of Prevention, Patterns of drug use are communicable, Scientific framework
Define epidemiology
Study of dynamics & distribution of diseases and conditions in populations
Name 4 sources of measuring drug use
Consequences, Surveys, Industry sales figures, Illicit drug trends
What does DAWN stand for and what is it?
Drug Abuse Warning Network; two sources of data; drug-related visits to hospital emergency departments and drug-related deaths
What does DASIS stand for and what is it?
Drug and Alcohol Services Information System; Primary source of national data on substance abuse treatment
What does UCR stand for and what is it?
Uniform Crime Reports; Collected by police dept. and reported to FBI
What does ADAM stand for and what is it?
Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program; arrestees in selected cities interviewed regularly regarding drug use
What does NHSDA stand for and what is it?
National Household Survey on Drug Abuse; door to door survey
Name the stages of drug involvement on a spectrum
Beneficial use, casual use, problematic use, chronic dependance
Differentiate between primary and secondary sources
Primary sources contain methods and data so that the reserach could be repeated, secondary sources don't have as much specific data
Tertiary sources and advertisements tend to be _______.
What are retrospective studies?
look into the past for causes of diseases that people currently suffer from
What are Prospective studies?
Start in present and monitor groups of people into the future
Name 4 basic errors in research (P.I.D.S)
Presentation, Interpretation, Data collection, Sampling
Define pharmacology
the science dealing with the preparation, uses, and esp. the effects of drugs
Differentiate between set and setting
Set is the mindset and expectations of the user. Setting is the environment in which the user is in
What is the quickest route of administration?
What is a site?
How and where drug is being taken in
What is a mechanism?
How the drug is effecting your body
What are the four groups of drugs?
Stimulants, Depressants, Hallucinogens, Marijuana/Other
What do stimulants do to the CNS?
Speed it up
What are some examples of Stimulants?
Amphetamines, Caffeine, Nicotine, Cocaine
What do depressants do to the CNS?
Slow it down
What are some examples of depressants?
Alcohol, Narcotics, Barbiturates, Tranquilizers
What effect do hallucinogens have on the body?
Alter perception
What are some examples of hallucinogens?
LSD, Plants & mushrooms, PCP
What effect does marijuana have on the body?
Sedation and drowsiness
What is considered a standard drink?
12 ounces of beer, 6 ounces of wine, 1.5 ounces of 80 proof alcohol
What are the four basic drives?
Hunger, thirst, sex, drugs
Name 7 characteristics of Intoxication
Time, Perception, Emotion, Unity, Reality, Ineffability, Sense of longing
Name some examples of non-chemical ways to achieve states of intoxication
Fasting, twirling around, sexual relationships, nature, exertion, music
What is mystification?
Redefinition of everyday problems as medical conditions that require treatment/medication
Name 4 causes of mystification
Misleading consumers, keeping consumers misinformed, not providing a complete picture, not telling the "whole truth"
What are the 6 parties involved in mystification?
Patients/Consumers, Pharmaceutical industry, advertising industry, medical community, herbal community, government
What is the importance of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994?
Companies arent required to prove that their products actually do what they claim
What are 5 solutions to mystification?
Regulate advertising, limit production, drug training, continuing education, consumer responsibility
Name 5 features of a consumer friendly ad
Description of the condition, fair balance of risks and benefits, how effective is the drug (success rates), other methods of treatment, cost of treatment
The Chinese, Greeks, and Romans were the first to use this
Native Americans used this for healing and blessings
Ethiopia, Arabia, and Europe were first to use this
Name some of the impacts of cocaine on the Latin American economies
Most profitable cash crop, new concentration of wealth, corruption of judge, military, police, and politicians, and insurgencies fuelled by drug money
What is state dependent learning?
If you're under the influence while learning, the next time you're learning you will not be as effective as if you were under the influence