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What does an octagonal shaped sign mean?
Stop. When you come to it, you must make
a complete stop at a marked stop line. If there is
no stop line, stop before entering crosswalk on
your side of the intersection. If there is no
crosswalk, stop at a point from which you can best
see oncoming traffic. You must not start again
until you yield the right-of-way to pedestrians or
closely approaching traffic. If it is a four-way
stop, wait your turn.
What does a triangular shaped sign mean?
Yield. You must slow down
to a speed that is reasonable for existing conditions
and stop if necessary. If you must stop, do so at
a marked stop line, if it exists. After slowing or
stopping, you must yield the right-of-way to other
vehicles in the intersection or approaching closely
on another roadway or auxiliary road leading into
a major highway.
What does a round sign mean?
It indicates a railroad crossing.
What does a diamond shaped sign mean?
It warns of existing or
possible hazards on roadways or adjacent areas.
What does a pentagon shaped sign mean?
It signifies school zone
and school crossing. When used, they will be
erected not less than 150 feet nor more than 700
feet in advance of the school grounds or school
crossing. (Warning signs can sometimes be florescent
green in color)
What does a horizontal rectangular shaped sign mean?
It is generally used for guide lines. They show
location, direction or other special
What does a vertical rectangular shaped sign mean?
It is generally used
for regulatory signs, which tell you what you must do.
You must obey them in the same manner as traffic
What does a curvy line going around a curvy block mean?
It means to keep in the direction of the line.
When is rain the most hazardous?
During the first half-hour.
From how far away can you enter a turn lane?
Up to 300 feet away.