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A green light means
proceed after yielding to traffic in the intersection
The Basic speed rule is
drive at the speed that is proper for the conditions.
traffic signs tell you
about traffic rules, hazards,where you are and how to get where you are going
warning signs are usually what color and shape
usually diamond shape and yellow with black lettering and symbols
What does exempt on a RR sign mean
it means certain vehicles do not have to stop before crossing tracks
How many feet must you allow when passing a bike
3 feet
when driving by pediestrians in a safety zone what is the speed limit
15 MPH
what do green signs indicate

What do brown signs indicate
Green - freeway exits

brown - public recreation
what is a hint that a green light will turn yellow
the don't walk sign will come on
How does a driver get points on their license
They receive points when they get a traffic ticket
(points are BAD)
What does right of way mean
let the other vehicle go first
When do you obey a policeman directing traffic
always over all other traffic signs, lights or markings
when do emergency vehicles and road crew trucks have the right of way
when the have either their lights flasing or their sirens going or both
what does a double solid yellow line mean
do not pass in either direction and only cross to turn left
what does a broken yellow line on your side of a solid yellow light mean
you can cross it if traffic permits
when can you pass a stopped school bus
when a police officer signals you too
when can you drive on the left
on a hightway with more than 2 lanes and the right lane is for slower traffic