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Provisional Lisence- three step program
-requirementsDriver's Ed GDL basic facts?
fee=24 dollars
requirements= complete the permit requirements and complete on eyear of unsupervised driving.
Special Learner's Permit- 3 step route
- requirements?
fee=10 dollars
requirements= Pass the vision test, pass the written test, complete "behind the wheel", obtain a parent or guardian signature, and pass the road test.
Examination permit- 2 step program (age fee requirements)
age= 17 +
fee= 10 dollars
requirements= pass vision/written tests to receive a permit, drive supervised for 6 months minimum if under 21. only 3 if over 21, obtain a signature if under 21, pass the road test.
Provisional Lisence Facts
Driving hours= 5:01 am-12 am
any number of people who live with you and one non family member.
if the PL holder or the passenger is 21 or over, the passenger and hour restrictions do not apply.
Examination Permit Facts
Must be accompanies by a NJ lisenced driver who is 21 yrs of age or more and has been driving for at least three years.
hours= 5:01-12am
any number of people from your household plus one
3 facts about the GDL
everyone in the car must wear a seat belt. No drugs or alcohol. 100 dollar fine for any rule violations.
Facts about your student permit
You must be accompanies by a NJ lisences driver blah blah blah 3 yrs, in the state, driving hours are from 5 -1 am to 11 pm. you can have any number of family members plus one non family member
2 step route- 2 steps
a) examination permit
b) Basic License
What is the NJ GDL program? When did it go into effect?
a program for teens and first time drivers that went into effect january 1st, 2001.
Why is there a NJ GDL program?
To reduce the number of driving fatalities
Basic License in the three step program
age= 18
requ=complete all the prov. lisence requ.s
3 steps of the three step route
a- special learner's permit
b- provisional lisence
c- Basic license
Basic Lisence in the two step program
age= 18 or older
fee= 24
req= complete the requirements for the examination permit.
hours of operation wavers
in case of emergencies, religious reasons, or if you have to work late into the night.