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uncontrolled intersection
no stop signs or stop lights
who yields? the person on the left or right
the person on the left yields to the person on the right
on 4 lane roads which lane do you turn onto?
the one closest to you in the right direction
what speed should you drive at through turns?
10-15 mph
desribe a yield sign
red and white upside down triangle
describe a construction sign
what is the distance you can park from a stop sign?
50 feet
what is the distance you can park from an intersection?
25 feet
how early do you turn on your blinker before turning?
100 feet before the turn
what is the penalty for altering a drivers liscense?
possible imprisonment
$25-$100 fine
court trial
when you're at an intersection and you inch forward to see past anything blocking your view
what is the distance you can park from a fire hydrant?
10 feet
what are the 2 ways to follow the correct distance from the car in front of you?
be 2 seconds behind them
be 1 car length behind them for ever 10 mph you're travelling
when you have your permit, during what times are you not permitted to drive?
11:01 pm - 5:00 am
graduated drivers liscense
what liscense do you recieve after your permit?
provisional drivers liscense
examination permit
a permit for someone who is over 17 years old
what 4 things change after you've drank 2-4 drinks?
reaction time
how far must you stop from a school bus on the street?
25 feet on both sides of the street unless there is a medium
what do you do if your breaks give out?
shift to a lower gear and pump
what are the 4 areas of blind spots?
beneat the front hood
the left and right sides
what happens if a person with their permit gets pulled over by the police?
both the driver and the instructor can get tickets, or just one. usually just the driver
what are the 3 steps of the accident prevention formula?
be alert
be prepared
act in time
what are the steps of IPDE
describe a hazard sign
diamond shaped
acceleration lane
the lane where you have time to get to the speed of the other cars on the highway
decceleration lane
the lane to get off the highway
what do you do if someone has their high beams on and you're blinded?
look down and to the right
do you use low beams or high beams in the fog?
low beams
what is the only thing that can sober a drunk?
when is the road most slippery?
after the first couple minutes of rainfall
what is the equivalence of beer wine and liquer?
1 beer = 1 glass of wine = 1 shot
what is the limit of the amount of alcohol someone can have in their system before they're considered to be under the influence?
when you have a 15% blood alcohol concentration how much greater are your chances of having an accident?
after 2-4 drinks alcohol begins to impair what 4 things?
reaction time
what 3 things are the first signs of impairment?
impaired judgement
what 3 things besides alcohol can increase the chances of an accident?
driving experience
on a 3 lane high way what is the right lane?
the lane to get on and off
on a 3 lane highway what is the middle lane?
the cruising lane
on a 3 lane highway what is the left lane?
the fast lane
should you try to stay closer to the middle or the curb while driving on a one lane street
stay closer to the middle
what do you do when you're skidding?
take your foot off the brake and turn in the opposite direction of the rear wheels
what do you do when you have a blow out?
slowly pull your car over and gradually stop
what do you do if your blinker doesn't work?
use hand signals
what signals a right turn?
sticking your arm out the window and putting it straight up
what arm gesture signals a left turn?
putting your arm straight out the window
what arm gesture signals stopping?
putting your arm out the window and straight down
when parking uphill which way do you turn the wheels?
to the left
when parking downhill which way do you turn the wheels?
to the right
what happens if you don't have any violations for a year?
3 point are subtracted from your record
how many points does it take to get your liscense suspended?
habitual offender
someone who got 3 suspensions in 3 years
highway hypnosis
you stare at the ro
how long do you have to notify a reportable accident to the MVC?
10 days
what is the penalty for refusal to take a breath test?
7 month liscense suspension and $300-$500 fine
if your BAC reads .15% how many times greater are your chances of an accident?
6 times greater
large vehicles on a slippery road have increased accident risk by what percent?
when turning right on red what do you do?
make a full stop
check traffic
if a permit driver accumulates 4 points what is the penalty?
training classes
what is the penalty after 3 convicted DWIs?
suspension of liscense