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you must stop when a school bus passes unless
the road is divided by a median
if you do pass a school bus when it is loading you can be
fined and have you license taken away
when making turns from one multi lane to another you must
use the center lane and turn onto the next center lane
railroad crossing stop look and listen how close
15 feet away
dim birght lights how far away
500 feet approacging 1000 feet passing
sunday throught thurdsday 11-__ and friday night 12-__
6; 5
3 things must be in vehicle
drivers license,motor vehicle registartion, liability insurance card
the minimum speed on the interstate is __
45 mph
dwi 21 or older __ under 21 __
.08g %: .02g%
number 1 reason for a wreck
inatentive driving
rectangle shape
round sign
rail road sign
express warning
school zone
penant (sideways triangle)
no passing
budge marker
name highway
motorists services
national park
yellow line
traffic is traveling in opposite directions
single broken yellow
marks center line where there ar eonly two lanes
double solid yellow line
marks the center o fthe roadway when there are 4 or more lanes of traffic
solid edge line
located on the left edge of teh roadway divides streets and highways
white lines
traffic is traveling in teh opposite direction
you may cross a solid whit eline but only
with care
driving under the influence of alcohol can cost you
125 dollares 10 days to 8 months and jail: 2000 and 5 years in prison for nahicular homicide
if you pass the intended exit on the interstate you can
continue to the next exit
things you must not to when driving on th einterstate
slow down on teh in terstate before you exit
when two vehicles approach at a 4 way stop intersection at the sam etime teh driver on the left must yield to ___
the driver on the right
you are approaching at an dintersection at a red traffic light this is the wrong thing to do
if teh light turns green accelerate and move quickly through the intersection
you may not always be able to stop for your car quickly enough to avoid a cllision in such instances which measure is correct
turn quickly away even if it means leaving the roadway
mark the dangerous act
accelerating to cross an intersection quickly when the light chnges green
your chances of surviving a collision are 3 to 4 times better
if you are buckle din a seat belt
when your car begins to skid
take your foot off teh gas pedal turn your wheels in the direction of teh skid dont use your breaks
if you are involved in an accident you should
stop held the injured call the police exchenge info with the driver sr-10 within 10 days
proper lane changing rules are
signal your intent for at least 100 feet look in your blind spot check for other cars involving that lane
when you are driving in the rain or when the roads are wet
you can cause hydroplaning: your stopping distance is greatly increased: louisianas general speed requires you to slow down
an intersection of 4 lane roadway should be
left lane to left lane only
if you are being tail gated
tap you rbrake pedals to let them know
if you see red reflectors
you have entered the wrong way
a solid white line marking on the pavement means
changing lanes is dangerous use caution of you attempt to cross this line
a broken dash yellow center line on teh roadway means
the traffic lanes are seprate fot traffic moving in the opposite directions