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what follows a yellow light?
a red light
what does a red light or red arrow mean?
(not blinking)
stop and with for the green light or green arrow
what does a green arrow mean?
you may go but only in the direction of the arrow
what does a flashing red light mean?
come to a complete stop and go after yielding the right of way
what do you do when you when you approach a blinking yellow light?
proceed with caution
In making a left turn from a one-way road into a two-way road
approach the turn with your right wheels as close as possible to the center line of the road
what does a single solid white line mean?
It defines where the lines are
A car already in the intersection has the right-away-over all others?
true or false
How many feet before you turn should you put on your turn signal?
What is the shape of warning signs?