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Light of Gauge on the instrument panel warning that the battery is being drained.
Alternator Warning Light
Computer-controlled braking system that keeps the wheels from locking if the driver brakes hard.
Antilock Braking System
Switch operated by a key which starts or stops the engine
Ignition Switch
Device that lets you maintain your desired speed w/o keeping your foot on the accelerator
Cruise Control
Pedal in a manual transmission vehicle that enables a driver to shift gears.
Clutch Pedal
Padded devices on the backs of front seats that help reduce whiplash injuries in a collision.
Head Restraints
Area that rearview mirrors cannot show
Blind spot areas
Device that flashes front turn-signal lights and taillights to warn others the vehicle is a hazard.
Hazard Flasher
Shows the gear positions.
Shift Indicator
White lights at the rear of the vehicle that tells other drivers you are backing up.
Backup Lights
Stationary object that appears in the distance in the center of the path you intend to occupy.
In shifting, the point at which you feel the engine take hold and the vehicles start to move.
Friction Point
Resting your foot on the clutch pedal while driving.
Riding the Clutch
Shifting from a higher to a lower gear.
Indicates total number of miles vehicle has been driven.
Compartment mounted between the front seats in a vehicle.