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A crash; the result of one object hitting another with sudden force.
a system made up of roadways, motor vehicles and people.
the amount of something that should be allowed in front of, behind, and to both sides of a vehicle, giving it room to manuever in threatening situations.
Margin of space
the chance of injury to one self or others and of damage to vehicles and property.
a five step driving strategy that enables drivers to process information in an organized way.
a set of five principles that help drivers operate safely and defensely.
the distance and area a driver can see and the ability of a cehicle or pedestrian to be seen.
a new driver who is licensed on a probationary basis for a two year period following the insurace of his initial license.
PRobationary driver
to take away a persons driver's license for a specified period of time, usually 30 to 90 days.
to cancel a person's license to drive a vehicle usually for the period of a year or more, after which time the driver can apply for another license.
a ticket
a computer system, that the person with the license has been suspended or revoked are on.
National Driver's Register
establishes specific guidelines for state motor vehicle safety programs.
National Highway Safety Act
state laws
requires automakers to build certain safety features, such as safety belts and shatterproof windows.
Nation Traffic & Motor Vehicle Safety Act