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What is an air bag?
Supplemental restraint systems that are standard equipment in many newer vehicles to protect vehicle occupants during collisions. Designed to be used with seat belt.
What is anti-lock braking system? (ABS)
allows the driver to stop without brake lockup. Standard equipment in many newer vehicles. Designed to be used by applying steady pressure on thebrake pedal.
What is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
Any motor vehicle designed to travel over any terrain, of a type possessing three to six rubber tires, and powered by a gasoline engine not exceeding 600 cubic centimeters and is used exclusively for off-highway use.
What is a Blind Spot?
The areas at the left and right corner of the car that the driver can not see in the rearview mirror
What is BAC(Blood alcohol concentration)
The percent of alcohol in a person's blood. Im MO it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle when the BAC is 0.08% or more for a person who is age 21 or over; and 0.020% or more for a person who is under age 21
What is a bypass
a road used for going around or passing an area
what is an controlled intersection
and intersection where traffic is regulated by traffic signs or signal lights
what is daytime running lamps
upper beam headlights that go on automatically when the vehicle is running. This is a feature of many newer vehicles
what is deceleration lane?
An extra driving lane on the side of a highspeed highway to permit vehicles to slow down before exiting
what is defense driving
being careful to prevent accidents, in spite of incorrect actions of others or bad driving conditions
What is a driver improvement program?
a required course of study for certain drivers who have shown cause that their driving skills are not acceptable. The course must meet or exceed the standards of the National Safety Council's eight-hour "Defensive Driving Course"
What is a DUI (Driver under the influence)
Driving when your senses and jumpment are impaired by alcohol or other drugs
What is an edorsement?
A code used on a driver license of permit to show that you are also qualified to operate other types of vehicles(such as a motorcycle). Two example of commercial driver license endorsements are P (passenger vehicle) and H (hazardous materials)
Financial Responsibility
A driver's (or car owner's) ability to pay for damage caused byan accident when he or she is at fault. It is usually in the form of liability insurance
a high speed divided highway without intersections
any publicly maintained roadway that is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel
a driving condition where the tires lose traction on a wet road, and float on a layer of water or slush
physical and/or mental condition that can reduce the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.
Implied consent
under this law, a driver (by driving) automatically agrees to take a test to measure blood alcohol concentration when stopped (under 21 years old) under arrest (age 21 and over) and suspected of driving under the influence
the junction of two or more highways where turnoffs allow you to join or cross traffic
interstate system
a national network of over 41,000 miles of limited access highways set by congress
mandatory sentences
these are penalties set by law for certain driving offenses and, if convicted, the penalties must be carried out.
a strip of land separating traffic going inopposite directions
merging traffic
traffic from 2 separate lanes combining into one
no zone
blind spots or danger areas, particularly around large trucks, where crashes may occur
the return of driving privilege after it has been suspended/revoked/denied, after all reinstatement requirements are met by the driver
right of way
the privilege of the immediate use of the highway. pedestrians always have the right of way. At uncontrolled intersections, the vehicle to the left shall yield the right of way to the vehicle approaching from the right.
the portion of the highway for emergencey use but not intended for travel