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Main purpose of Fire Department Pumper (aka Engine, wagon, triple) is to (blank).
Provide adequate pressure for fire streams. p13
NFPA (blank) is the Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus and contains requirements for pumper design.
NFPA 1901
The minumum pump capacity for the pumper (engine) is (blank).
750 GPM to 2000 GPM (pg 13)
The minimum portable equi8pment that must be carried on all fire department pumper is outlined in NFPA (blank).
NFPA 1901 pg 13
The most common size foam tanks for municipal fire apparatus ranges from (blank to blank) gallons.
20 to 100 Gallons. p. 15
The typical height range for pumpers with elevating water devices is (blank to blank) feet.
50 to 75 feet. p15
Minipumpers are usually equipped with a pump capacity of (blank) GPM and Midipumpers are usually equipped with a pump capacity of (blank) GPM or greater.
Minipumper - 500 GPM
Midipumper - 1000 GPM or greater. p16
Midipumpers usually weigh an excess of (blank) Lbs.
12,000 lbs.
According to NFPA (blank), an apparatus must be able to carry at least (blank) gallons of water in order to be considered a mobile water supply apparatus.
NFPA 1901
1000 gallons p17
NFPA (blank) is the Standard for Wildland Fire apparatus.
NFPA 1906 p19
ARFF stands for (blank)
Air Rescue and Fire Fighting p21
The Standards for ARFF are covered in NFPA (blank).
NFPA 414
The five features present to make a fire apparatus are (blank).
Aerial device, hose, ground ladders, fire pump and water tank.
NFPA 1901 specifies that the minumum pump capacity for an aerial apparatus shell be (blank) gpm at (blank) psi.
250 GPM
150 PSI
A true "Quint" must have the capacity to pump at least (blank) GPM.
750 gpm. p23