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fresh water weighs _____
8.33 lbs or 62.5 lb/ft3
specific heat
measure of heat absorbing capacity of a substance
latent heat of vaporization
amount of heat absorbed by substance when it changes from liquid to vapor
Each pound of water requires ___btu of additional heat to convert to steam
one gallon of water will absorb _____ of heat if all the water is converted to steam
9,346 btu
at 212 degrees water expands approximately ____ times its original volume
specific gravity
the density of liquids in relation to water
the weight of 1 cubic foot of water is ___
62.5 lbs
a 1 sq inch column of water one foot high exerts ____ at its base
.434 psi
Principles of pressure
1. fluid is ________to any surface on which it acts
Principles of pressure
2. fluid pressure at a point at rest is the _____ in all directions
Principles of pressure
3. pressure applied to a confined fluid from without is _________________________
transmitted equally in all directions
Principles of pressure
4. the pressure of a liquid in an open container is ____________to its depth
Principles of pressure
5. the pressure of a liquid in an open vessel is ___________ to the density of the liquid.
Principles of pressure
6. the pressure of a liquid at the bottom of a vessel is _______ of the shape of the vessel
atmospheric pressure
14.7 psi
a pressure of 1 psi makes a column of mercury ____ high
2.04 inches
psig reads _____
psi in addition to atmospheric pressure
psia reads
actual atmospheric pressure
calculating head pressure
height divided by 2.304
static pressure
stored potential energy
residual pressure
part of the total available pressure not used to overcome friction loss. what is left
The center line of a pump or the bottom of a static water supply source above or below groundd level
the position of an object above or below sea level
atmospheric pressure drops by ____ every thousand feet
.5 psi
1st principal of friction loss
if all conditions remain the same, FL varies directly with the length of hose
2nd principle of FL
when hoses are the same size, friction loss varies approx with the square of the increase in the velocity of flow
3rd principle of FL
for the same discharge, FL varies inversely as th fifth power of the diameter of the hose
4th principle of FL
for a given flow velocity, FL is approx the same, regardless of the pressure on the water
when the diameter of a hose ____ the area of the hose opening increases _______
doubles, four times
recommended supply size for fire hydrant mains in residential areas
residential and business areas should have ___" cross connecting mains every ____'
8, 600
recommended size of hydrant supply main in business and industrial areas
___" mains may be used on long mains not cross connected at frequent points
average amount of water used in a system over 1 year
average daily consumption
max total amount of water that was used during any 24 hour period over 3 years
maximum daily consumption
maximum amount of water used in any 1 hour interval over the course of a day
peak hourly consumption
solid stream mozzles length is ________times its diameter
1- 1.5 times
solid stream handline ____psi
solid stream master stream ___psi
GPM formula
29.7x d2 x sq rt NP
most constant flow nozzles should be operated at -___psi
minimum flow setting for interior structural firefighting is_____
95-100 gpm
high pressure fog nozzles operate at up to ____psi and flow ____gpm
800, 8-15gpm
maximum amount of water you can safely flow through a handline ______
350 gpm
smooth bore master stream operated at ____ and fog master operated at ______
80psi, 100psi
master stream flows are usually _____ or grreater
350 gpm
at a pressure of 100 psi a chimney nozzle usually produces ____ gpm
practical working limits of velocity of fire streams
60-120 feet per second
solid stream nozzles operated at 50 psi with a tip up to
larger than that psi raised to 65
nozzle reaction formula for solid stream
NR= 1.57xd2xNP
nozzle reaction formula for fog
NR=0.0505xQx sq rt NP
friction loss equation
Q divided by 100
L divided by 100
1 3/4 with 1 1/2 couplings coefficient
2 1/2 " coefficient
5" coefficient
4" coefficient
1" booster coefficient
appliance FL only counted with flow over _____
350 gpm
appliance FL when flowing over 350 gpm
10 psi
FL in master stream appliance regardless of flow
25 psi
elevation formula for height
EP=0.5H (height)
elevation formula for stories
EP=5psi x (number of stories minus 1)
FL in equal length hoselines whose diameters are the same ______
perform calc on only one line
siamesed hose lines of equal length have FL of ____ that of a single hoseline at same pressure
three siamesed hoselines have FL ____ of that of s single line with same nozzle pressure
FL with multiple uneven lines is based on ______
the highest loss
aerial devices have FL of _____
25 psi
pump discharge pressure formula
net pump discharge pressure
actual presure produced by pump
discharge pressure minus intake pressure
NFPA 1901 allows flowmeters to be used instead of pressure gauges on all disharges ___to___
flowmeters should be accurate to a tolerance of _____
+or- 3%
multi cylinder piston pumps can provide pressures up to ___ for high pressure fog
1000 psi
amount of water a rotary gear pump can priduce depends on______
the size of pockets in the gears and speed of rotation
one of the most common types of pumps used to prime centrifugal pumps is ____
rotary vane pump
centrifugal pump impeller does what
transmits energy in the form of velocity to the water
centrifugal pump casing does what
collects water and confines it in order to convert velocity into pressure
doubling the speed of the impeller results in ___times as much pressure
single stage centrigugal pumps provide up to _____gpm
pumping in parallel provides more ____
pumping in series provides more_____
most pump manufacturers reccomen keeping pump in ____ position until you have to flow more than ____ rated capacity
series (pressure), two thirds
maximum discharge pressure that changeover valve should be operated at is______
50 psi
pumping capacity of auxilliary engine driven pumps is generally ____
500 gpm
with engine idling and pump engaged most speedometers will read _______
10-15 mph
the piping system and pump must be able to withstand a hydrostatic test of ___psi
pumpers with capacity of 500gpm or less should be capable of flowing _____ from their booster tank
250 gpm
pumpers with capacity greater than 500 gpm should be able to flow at least _____
500 gpm
apparatus with pump capacity of 750 gpm or greater must have ____ _____ discharges
at least two 2.5"
apparatus with water tanks less than 1000 gallons must have a ___" tank fill line
pressure control devices must operate within ___to___ seconds after pressure rises and cannot exceed ____ above set level
3-10, 30psi
master intake gauge is calibrated from ___to___ positive pressure and ___to___ vacuum
0-600 psi, 0-30 inches
as vacuum reading approaches ___ pump is near its max capacity