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What is the coefficient for 2 1/2 inch hose?
What is the coefficient for 3 inch hose with 2 1/2 in cuplink
What is the coefficient for 1 3/4" hose?
What is the coefficient for 1 1/2" hose?
What is the minimum you should pump for the tank to flow tests?
Minimum of 500 GPM
How often should you check your pump pressure control systems?
How often should you operate your pump primer and how?
You should operate it every week with all the valves closed
What is the recommended replacement time for pump packing?
every 2-3 years
How often should the fire pump we tested and rated?
What're the three types of preservice tests and who performs them?
Manufacturers test - performed by the pump maker
Pump certification test - done by the engine maker after the plumbing is done
acceptance test - done by dept
What appliances in the appliance loss are 25 psi?
stand pipe, portable monitor, stand pipe and aerial apparatus
What appliances in the appliance loss formula are 10psi?
Gated Wye and Siamese
What are the friction losses for the gated wye appliance? What other appliance has the same value?
10psi and the siamese.
What is Cavitation?
it's water being discharged faster than it's coming in
What're the two type of relay pumping operations?
Tandem and Dual pumping!
What is tandem relay pumping?
it's when the engines are less than 300 feet apart and trying to achieve more pressure like multi stage pumps
highrise operations and working in a series
What is dual relay pumping?
It's for volume it's when the two engines are hooked up intake to intake and it's used for volume
What is the low energy system foam system powered by?
What is the high energy foam system powered by?
CAS (Compressed air system)
What must your intake pressure be kept above?
What does your compound gauge measure?
Vacuum and pressure
What causes cavitation in drafting?
a clogged strainer
What causes cavitation while hooked to a hydrant?
you're pushing out more water then you're drawing in from the hydrant. So you're getting inadequate flow from the hydrant
What are the causes of cavitation for a pump while pumping from tank?
It's out of water.
What is the friction loss formula?
It's Coefficient * Q^2 * length of hose
What is foam concentrate?
it's the raw foam when it's at rest in storage container
What is foam proportioner?
It's a device that introduce foam concentrate into the water system to make foam solution
What is foam solution
It's the completed foam product after air is introduced
What is the NFPA standard that this course is based on?
When we do the annual pump test what is the minimum size lines that we use?
2 1/2 inch hose but the number of lines depends on the gpm we're trying to achieve.
How does the pressure governor work?
It raises the rpm's of the engine based on the amount of pressure that is being brought in and the amount of pressure being pushed out.
What is the number one reason that we fail to achieve a draft?
Open valves and caps
What is the NFPA standard for pump testing? Number?
What is the most common example of a positive displace pump?
What's another name for a pressure setting?
Another name is the Series setting
What's another name for a volume setting?
What is the maximum change over pressure?
IFSTA states 50 PSI
What is the purpose of a pressure governor? (2)
Controls excessive pressure and it protects firefighters and equipment
What're the two principals of NFPA 1911 in relation to priming devices?
Must be able to develop 22" HG
and must be able to to pull a draft within 30 seconds or 45 seconds for 1500 GPM or larger fire pumps
What're the two types of positive displacement pumps?
Rotary gear and Rotary vane!
How does an indirect cooler work?
IT makes it so that water does not mix with radiator coolant.
What is the atmospheric pressure at sea level?
What is FP?
Flow PRessure
What is EP?
Elevation Pressure!
+-5 psi per story or
What is PDP?
Pressure of the water as it leaves the pump (pump discharge pressure)
What does water freeze at?
32 degrees F
What does water boil at?
212 degrees F
How much does water weigh?
8.33 lbs!
How many times does a drop of water expand when heated?
1700 times when it turns into steam
The first principle of fluid states what?
Fluid pressure is perpendicular to any surface on which it acts
The second principle of fluid states what?
fluid pressure at a point, at rest has no direction it is the same intensity in all directions
The third principle of fluid states what?
pressure applied to a confined fluid from without is transmitted equally in all directions
The fourth principle of fluid states what?
pressure of a liquid in an open vessel is proportional to it's depth
What're the hydrant pressures by color?
Blue - 1500+
Green - 1000-1499
Orange - 500-999
Red - 0-499
Handlines flow at what?
350 gpm or less
Master stream nozzles flow at what?
350gpm or more
For master streams what should you pump a smooth bore tip at?
80 psi
For master streams what should you pump a fog or combination nozzle at?
For HAND LINES what should you pump a fog or combination nozzle at?
For HAND LINES what should you pump a smooth bore tip at?
In the friction loss formula what does Q stand for?
Quantity Also known as gpm divided by 100
In the friction loss formula what does L stand for?
Length divided by 100
What is nozzle pressure also known as?
it's the 80 or 100psi for master streams or 50 or 100 psi for hand lines
What is the elevation pressure for 100 feet uphill?
+50 psi per 100 feet it would be -50 psi if you're going downhill
What're the NFPA 1911 out of service criteria?
pump will not engage.
Pump shift indicators in cab and on operators panel do not fucntion
pressure control system is not operation
pump transmission has a class 3 leakage
throttle doesn't work
What're the 3 tests and their psi's to check overall condition of the pump?
150 psi = capacity test
200 = second test
300 = third test
What does the flow meter measure
It measures the flow out of the pump
What type of Engine cooler do we use? and why?
We use an indirect engine cooler and it does not circulate water into the radiator it bypasses it. The direct used to circulate into the radiator but would cause catastrophic failure so it is no longer allowed
What does the pitot tube measure?
flow from the hydrant in KPA (kilo pascal)