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bay breeze
vodka, pineapple, cranberry, lime wedge
cape codder
vodka, cranberry, lime
fuzzy navel
vodka, peach liqueur, orange juice
gin and tonic
gin, tonic, lime
harvey wallbanger
vodka, orange juice, galliano, cherry
horny bull
tequila, orange juice
orange blossom
gin, orange juice
sloe screw
sloe gin, orange juice
tequila sunrise
tequila, orange juice, grenadine, cherry
alabama slammer
sloe gin, southern comfort, amaretto, lemon juice
coffee liqueur, orange liqueur, irish cream
blow job
amaretto almond, baileys
buttery nipple
irish cream, buttershots
chocholate cake
citrus vodka, frangelico
irish car bomb
irish whiskey, baileys
jelly bean
grenadine, sambuca, southern comfort
triple sec, vodka, lime juice
surfer on acid
jager, coconut rum, pinapple
red headed slut
jager, peach schnapps, cranberry
kool aid
midori, amaretto, cranberry
melon ball
melon liqueur, vodka, orange
mind eraser
vodka, coffee liqueur, soda water
peppermint schnapps, baileys
tequila slammer
tequila, 7up
black russian
3 parts vodka, kahlua
black russian
3 parts vodka, kahlua
liquor, sour, soda
black and tan
bass on bottom, guiness on top
adios mother
gin, light rum, vodka, curacao, sour and 7up
vodka, apple puckers, apple juice
chocolate martini
creme de cacao, vodka
vodka, triple sec, rose's lime juice, cranberry, lime
incredible hulk
hennesey, hypnotic
jolly rancher
vodka, midori, cran
midori, malibu, pineapple, splash 7up
liquid valium
crown, peach shnapps, malibu, orange juice, cranberry
long island
gin, vodka, rum, triple sec, sour, coke
blended whiskey, sweet vermouth, cherry
gin (or vodka), dry vermouth,
rum punch
rum, orange juice, grenadine
sex on the beach
vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry
raspberry vodka, orange vodka, raspberry liquour, orange juice, cranberry juice
white russian
vodka, kahlua, cream
apple jolly rancher
vodka, apple pucker, sour, 7up
kahlua, irish cream, grand marnier
kahlua, irish cream, whipped cream
fruit loop
amaretto, blue curacao, grenadine, milk
junior mint
creme de minth, creme de cacao
liquid cocaine
151, rumple minze, jager
mind eraser
vodka, kahlua, 7up
nuts and berries
vodka, amaretto, baileys
orange crush
vodka, triple sec, orange juice, 7up splash
purple hooter
vodka, raspberry liquour, lime juice, 7up
scooby snack
vodka, midori sour, sour, 7up
rumple minze, midori
surfer on acid
jager, malibu, pinapple