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A rectangle that rep. the vertical and horizontal limits of an object or group of objects
Notional Space
the order of dominence
The depiction of 2 or more faces of a 3d structure where lines converge as they recede in space
Perspective Drawing
The dep. of 2 or more faces of a 3d structure keeping parallel lines parallel as they recede in space
paraline drawing
A drawing in which the skewed angles are not symmetrical
Diametric projection
A means of representing a 3d object in 2d that uses multi. views of the obj. from points of view rotated about the objects center
Ortho Projection
The view of a vertical face of an object
One of the series of rectangles generated from the square whose proportion is one to the square roote of a whole number
Root rectangle
a line is drawn para. to the short side of a rect. from the end of a crossing line, creating a smaller version of the parent rectangle
is a famous rect. for which the ratio of the longer to shorter side is 1 to 1.618. When subdivided by the reiprocal, a square and a smaller version of this rectangle famous series of whirling squares that contain the golden spiral
Golden Rectangle
A rect. whose ratio of width to height is a rational number such as 1 to 2, or 2 to 4
Static Rectangle
A rect. who ratio of width to height is an irrational number such as the square root of 2 or the square root of three
Dynamic Rectangle
The relationship between 2 or more measurements of a whole
in the armature of a rectangle the four lines that extend from the corners of the rectangle and cross over the diagonals at right angles
Crossing line
a linear structure that diagrams important visual paths and potential dominant divisions of a rectangle
of the armature: the intersections in an armature that are used to locate places of emphasis. The eyes are where the reciprocal diagonal crosses the bisecting Diagonal.
The square and its armature applied to each end of a rectangle used to govern divisions of the area and placement of elements is known as the
Rebated square
the vert. axis in a projection drawing
y axis
to cut into a form and remove a piece
drawings that show the underlying structure of a form. Lines used to track dimensions and relationships when drawing a three dimensional form
Construction drawing