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Who is it?
I'm busy.
I want to apologize. Nikki?
I'm writing a letter to my best friend in Virginia. You're going to have to wait.
That weird girl you met at camp?
Yes, that girl I met at camp.
She's your best friend?
She always has been.
Look, I'm sorry I threw my pen at you.
You hit me in the eye!
I didn't mean to.
I have a mark.
WIll you forgive me?
Why did you do that?
I was mad at you.
You could have just told me.
I did tell you.
It was really immature.
I asked you to stop.
Stop what? What was I doing?
I don't care if you're getting a new suit.
Oh, you're jealous.You got jealous and you tried to blind me!
It barely hit you. Stop making such a big deal about it!
You're jealous because my parents are renewing my pool pass and your's aren't!
My parents aren't renewing my pool pass, because we're moving and the house we're moving into has a pool in the backyard.
You're moving?
It's an hour away.
You can't move.
I have to.
In a month.
A month?! You don't have to move. Your dad can drive to work. He can take the car. He has like ten million cars!
He hates driving.
Who's going to walk to school with me every day?
Who's going to walk with me?
Who will I do my homework with?
What about me?
I have to find a new tennis partner for class.
I do too, you know Nikki.
This is great. Just great. I'm not making friends with anyone ever again. I'll only have to end up saying goodbye.
I dont know how to start over.
Just go. Let's just get it over with now. I'll miss you. You were a great friend. Maybe I'll see you again someday before I die. Maybe I won't.
You won't I'm going to make a new friends. And this time I'm going to find people who aren't selfish.
I wish you didn't have to go!
Me too.
We're still going to be friends, right?
We better.
Can I come and swim in your pool some time?