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Federal Theatre Project
- Created jobs during Depression
- Macbeth, all black production
- Arthur Miller
Jo Mielziner
-scene, costume, light designer for Death of a Salesman
- Selective Realism
Stage Manager
-call/run show
-prompt book
-stage business
-lighting, sound and cues
-rehearsal schedule
Social Realism
-Waiting for Lefty (Odets)
-political conscience
-Imitation of real life
-Ibsen, Stringberg, Chekhov
Billy Rose
-30's producer for Odets
Absurdist Drama
-Martin Esslin (Theatre of Absurd)
-Samuel Beckett- Waiting for Godot, Happy Days
-Eugene Ionesco-Bald Soprano
Henrik Ibsen
-Father of Modern Drama
-Contemporary life, repression
-Originally radical
-Doll's House, Ghosts
-selecting/creating/interpreting script
-stage space
-cast actors
-working with other artists
-help actors with characters
-coordinating all elements
Tennessee Williams
-Streetcar Named Desire
-The Glass Menagerie
Lorraine Hansberry
-Raisin in the Sun
-First African on Broadway
-Wrote for Group Theatre
David Garrick
-External Acting
-Mimical Behavior
Rogers and Hammerstein
Clifford Odets
-Waiting for Lefty
-Social Realism
-Group Theatre
Arthur Miller
-The Crucible
-Death of a Salesman (selective realism)
-Federal Theatre Project
-Louigi Pirandello:Six Characters in Search of an Author
-Beyond Realism
Constantin Stanislavski
-internal acting
-Actor's Equity Association
-Screen Actor's Guild
-American Federation of TV and Radio Artists
Agnes Miller
-Dance in Oklahoma
Samuel Beckett
-breakthrough in dramatic form by presenting, without comment or moral judgment, situations showing life’s irrationality
-unrecognizable plot
-mechanical characters
-situations like dreams and nightmares
-incoherent dialogue
-endgame, happy days, godot
Bertolt Brecht
-Broke away from Aristotle's formula for drama
-Audience aware of play (broke fourth wall, actors addressed audience but audience did not relate to them, pantomime)
-Alienation effect-opposite of suspending disbelief
-Incorporated multimedia
-Epic Theatre
-philosophical and political issues
-founded Berliner Ensemble, which produced his plays
-The Threepenny Opera, Mother Courage
Epic theatre
-episodic, narrative, historical
-promote self-reflection
-separation from audience
-transposition in the third person
-transposition into the part
-speaking of stage directions aloud
Poetic Realism
Playboy of the Western World-John Millington Synge
-Desire Under the Elms -O'Neill
Eugene O'Neill
-Desire Under the Elms
-The Iceman Cometh
-A Long Day's Journey into Night
-Ah! Wilderness