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What national standards are tool design drawings governed by?
Tool design tolerances are what ratio of engineering tolerances?
Most simple jigs are assembled with what kind of construction?
What are dowel pins made from?
1144 steel, heat treated Rc 50-55, black oxide finish
What is a drill jig?
A production-workholding device used to manufacture duplicate production parts accurately
How do you determine a drill bushing's length?
2X diameter of drilled or reamed holes
How do you determine burr clearance?
Minimum of 1X drilled or reamed diameter
All mating surfaces should have what surface texture?
125 texture
All sliding surfaces should have what surface texture?
32 texture
Why must clamps be fast-acting?
To permit rapid loading and unloading of parts
How do you call out the size of aluminum plate material in the parts list?
Thickness x width x length (TWL)6061-T651
How do you call out the size of an aluminum angle in the parts list?
Leg x leg x thickness x length 6061-T6
What type of bushing is used when more than one operation is performed in the same location?
Slip-renewable bushing
How many bushings do you normally need for one complete drilling/reaming operation?
How do you determine the drill size for a reaming operation?
5% smaller than hole size
Why should a tool be foolproof?
To ensure proper positioning and consistency
Why do we avoid duplicate locating?
Increased cost and possible inaccuracies
Most parts can be properly indexed by contact at how many points?
When do you usually use construction balls?
When angles are involved
What are the considerations when threading aluminum?
Need to use a threaded insert (key insert)
What would not be dimensioned on a tool drawing?
Non-critical dimensions
Give an example of a "function of tool" note?
"To locate and hold spacer plate..."
Why is tool weight important?
Must be light enough to be transported easily; bench-mounted tools should be heavy enough to provide stability during operation
Give an example of the bushing callouts for reaming a .257/.250 diameter hole?
SF-32-8-.2500 REAMER