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What views are typically used to describe simple cylindrical parts such as shafts and sleeves?
Side View & End View
Why are left handed threads sometimes specified?
When natural torque would loosen a right handed thread.
What is the purpose of finish marks?
To show machined finished surfaces.
Describe a Unified thread.
Most common, 60 degree angle.
What views are typically used to depict simple flat objects like gaskets and plates?
Top view
Do general assemblie's include any dimension's? and if so, which ones?
Waht views are typically found in assembly?
Front views, Top view, and side view
Waht are multiple lead screw threads used for?
Rapid advancement of the part.
When are auxiliary views used in a working drawing?
angled parts, and to show the true size and shpe.
The assmbly drawing of the shaft support was a ________. How do we know this?
General assmebly: No dimension's with broken sections.
What situation would a half section be used?
When neccesary to show interoir and exterior in same side view
Describe a acme thread.
General: 29 degree included angle.
What situation would a full section need to be used?
When all interior Details need to be shown.
Waht is the purpose for a 8 Microinch finished surface?
Surfaces such as cylindar's
Waht two units are used to indicate surface textures?
Microinches and micrometers.
What purpose would a 16 microinch finsihed surface need to be used?
High speed shaft bearings and extreme Tension.
When dimensioning angled surfaces, which dimensioning tool is nneded ?
The dimension size with arrow (true)
What is Thread class?
How accuratly Part is made.
Waht is the purpose for a 125 microinch surface finish?
Mating surfaces held together by a bolt or rivet w/ no motion between them.
Identify three types of assembly drawings?
Detailed, General, and outline
Threaded fasteners are considered to be __________ fasteners while rivets are considered to be _________.
Temporary: pemenant.
What is ment by thread series?
Number of threads / outside diameter.
Waht are 3 ways Threads can be depicted on a drawing?
Detialed, Schematic, and simplified.
do outline assmblie's include dimensions? if so which one's?
yes... overall dimensions, and center to center.
Sketch section view of 2 plates being held together by 2 bolts.
Describe a buttress thread.
Great power in one direction.
How does a Draftsperson indicate difference between internal and external fasteners?
A= Ext B= Int
What is a cell? And how does it improve Drawing performance?
A cell is a file that can be inserted into any drawing at any scale.
Describe a square thread.
GHreat power in two direction's.