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What are the borders of the anterior triangle?
SCM, edge of mandible, and midline of the neck.
What level is the hyoid bone?
3rd cervical vertebrae
What level is the thyroid cartilage?
Between C-4 and C-5
What level is the cricoid cartilage?
What is the function of external jugular vein?
Drain blood from face down into subclavian vein.
Where is the external jugular vein located?
Superficial to SCM
Where is the internal jugular vein located?
Deep to SCM
Name the infrahyoid muscles?
Sternohyoid m., Sternothyroid m., thyrohyoid m., omohyoid m., and cricothyroid m.
All the infrahyoid muscles are strap muscles except:
Cricothyroid muscle
What is the function of cricothyroid?
Change tone of voice.
Where does the inferior belly of omohyoid muscle attach?
Name the three suprahyoid muscles?
diagastric m., stylohyoid m., and mylohyoid m.
Where does the anterior belly of diagastric muscle attach?
Where does the posterior belly of diagastric muscle attach?
Skull base
What bone attaches to diagastric?
hyoid bone
What suprahyoid muscle forms a loop to attach to the hyoid bone?
Stylohyoid muscle
What two muscles elevate the hyoid bone?
Stylohyoid and diagastric muscles.
What muscle separates the neck from the oral cavity?
Mylohyoid muscle
What structure is used by physicians to access your trachea to breath for you in case of airway occlusion?
Cricothyroid membrane
What is the omohyoid's intermediate tendon attached to?
Carotid sheath (in front of IJ and clavicle)
What two veins unite and form the brachiocephalic vein?
IJ and subclavian vein.
What is the function of the IJ?
Drain inside of skull and majority of veins of the thyroid gland.
Name three visceral structures of anterior triangle?
thyroid gland, trachea, and esophagus.
Where does the thyroid gland end?
Where does inferior thyroid vein drain?
Into left brachiocephalic vein
What is the name of the space between two clavicles at the top of the sternum?
Manubrial notch/sternal notch
Where does the thyroid gland develop?
Base of tongue
What is the main blood supply of the neck?
Common carotid artery
The level of bifurcation of common carotid?
Wat branch of common carotid artery has boo-koo branches?
External common carotid artery
Name branches of external carotid artery?
superior thyroid a. (thyroid gland, Lingual a., facial a.
ascending pharyngeal a. (head), occipital a. (posterior scalp), posterior auricularty a., maxillary a., and superior temporal a. (anterior ear)
How many branches does the maxillary artery have?
What is the termination of external carotid artery?
Superficial temporal artery (anterior ear)
What are the two main blood supplies to thyroid gland?
Superior thyroid a. and inferior thyroid a.
Where does inferior thyroid artery come from?
Indirectly from subclavian artery