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What are the three main ways to name a muscle?
Function, shape, and attachment.
What are the borders of the posterior triangle?
SCM, trapezius m., and middle section of clavicle.
Name the three parts of the deep cervical fascia?
superficial, prevertebral, and visceral.
Name the structures in the carotid sheath?
IJ, common carotid, and vagus n.
Name the attachment sites of the omohyoid m.?
hyoid bone and scapulae(shoulder)
What is the landmark for CN 11?
Levator scapulae
What muscles does CN 11 innervate?
SCM and trapezius m.
What nerve innervates the platysma muscle?
Facial (CN 7)
What is the function of the trapezius m.?
Elevate shoulders
What is the attachment site of the scalene muscles?
What are the functions of scalene muscles?
force inspiration and landmark (i.d. phrenic n., subclavian a. and vein)
What is the function and location of phrenic n.?
Contract diaphragm; anterior to anterior scalene
What is the function and location of brachial plexus?
Supply upper extremities; between ant. and middle scalene
Where is the subclavian a.?
Between ant. scalene and brachial plexus, over the 1st rib, and into the arm.
Where is the subclavian vein?
Anterior to anterior scalene muscle.
What separates the subclavian a. and vein?
Anterior scalene muscle
What forms the scalene triangle?
anterior scalene, middle scalene, and 1st rib.
What does the ansa cervicalis innervate?
Strap muscles (sternohyoid, sternothyroid, thyrohyoid, and omohyoid).
Where is ansa cervicalis derived from?
What is the function of cervical plexus?
Supply skin of the neck.
Define nerve point?
Pt. where nerves erupt out of the posterior triangle 3cm above the clavicle.
What is the function of interior jugular?
Drain inside of the skull.
What is the function of external jugular?
Drain outside of the skull.
What muscle separates the IJ from EJ?
What structure does the IJ and EJ drain into?
subclavian vein ---> heart
How far into the neck does the subclavian a. travel?
2-4 cm
What are the branches of the subclavian a.?
vertebral a. (supply 1/3 brain)
thyrocervical trunk
Name three branches of thyrocervical trunk?
inferior thyroid a.
transverse cervical a. (supply trapezius)
suprascapular a. (supply scapulae)
What nerve runs behind the EJ?
great auricular