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which of the following is NOT a normal level of CSF constitutent
Glucose ---100.0 mg/dl
which of the following point of potiential blockage of CSF flow within the ventricular system is located in the midbrain
cerebral aqueduct
which of the following neuroglial cells foot process is associated with maintenance of blood brain barrier along with the endothelium of brain capillaries?
which of the following tumor is associated with closely packed cells with large round nuclei surrounded bya clear halo of cytoplasm (fried egg appearance) and is seen in middle age group?
select an incorrect statement about CNS tumor
most tumors are extracranial; tumors of the spinal cord are more frequent than brain tumors
which of the following is the most common cause of internuclear ophthalmoplegia
multiple sclerosis
which of the following disease is charcterized by cloudy CSF, inc CSF pressure, inc nurtrophil coundt, and absence of sugar?
acutre suppurative meningitis
cytoplasmic inclusions (negri body) are seen in
which of the following tumors constitute 30% of all brain tumors in childern and occurs in the cerebellar hemisphere
the central canal of the spinal cord is lined by
ependymal cells
which of the following tumor is the most common spinal cord tumor in all ages
which of the following tumor originate in arachnoid cells of the meninx; located is external to the brain and is often successfully removed surgically
which of the following tumor has histological characteristics of a whorled pattern of concentrically arranged spindle cells and laminated calcified psammoma bodies?
atherosclerosis appears first in the
carotid artery
acoustic neuroma is primarily associated with tumor of the schwann cells of the
conchlear nerve
etiology of intraparenchymal hemorrhage is
all the the above
which of the following CN inflammation within the petrous part of temporal bone causes bell's palsy
a 28-year-old patient complaints of episodic, lightening like jabs of pain over the maxilla for last couple of months. which of the following best describes this clinical scenario?
trigeminal neuralgia
a 29 year old patient has pain experienced as a squeezing band around the head. the pain is not severe or incapacitating. the headache lasts for hours or daylong duration. the patiens is going through life stresses for last couple years. what is your procisional diagnosis?
tension headache
which of the following statements is incorrect? about temporal arteritis?
is a disease of the adolescent age group
which one of the following statements is correct regarding migraine?
it is more common in female
a unilateral periorbital pain, ipsilateral red, watery eye, nasal discharge, congestion followed by a transient Horner's syndrome is most likely to be due to which one of the following?
cluster headache
which of the following does not precipitate in migraine?
eating cereal and milk
the lenticulostriate arteries arise from the basilar and proximal anterior and middle verebral arteries. they supply the
all of the above
select an incorrect statement about tabes dorsal
there is secondary degeneration of ventral column of the spinal cord
select an incorrect statement
toxolasmosis is caused by bateria
kuru is caused by a
the laboratory reports of the CSF of a 20 year old man is clouded, reveals increased pressure, increase of neutrophils, inc protein, absence of sugar, and the presence of pathogenic organisms. what is your procisional diagnosis
acutre suppurative meningitis
the risk factor for TIA is
all of the above
select an incorrect statement about rabies
mallory body is seen as intranuclear inclusions of brain neurons
a 70 year old man developend left sided weakness of the mucles of facial expression, left sided hemiparesis. he is able to wrinkle the left forehead. which of the following is the site of possible lesion in the patient?
lower part of the right precentral gyrus of the cerebral cortex
select an incorrect statement about the herpes zoster
thoracic dermatomes are the only sites where herpes zoster occurs
select an incorrect statement about medial longitudinal fasciculus
medial longitudinal fasciculus is not related to integration of head and eye movement
which of the following statement about trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux) is incorrect?
there are motor and sensoty abnormalities of the CN V on clinical examination
select best responce
the pain is excruciating in the dermatome segement sub-served by the herpes zoster infected DRG