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which 'clearing deficient heat' herb can clear summer heat and stop malaria?
a. qing hao
b. di gu pi
c. bai wei
d. yin chai hu
a. qing hao
which of the following can
cool blood,
reduce bone steaming emission of heat,
Clear and drain LU heat?

a. Hu Huang Lian
b. zhi mu
c. di gu pi
d. huang bai
c. di gu pi
which 'clearing deficient heat' herb can cool the blood,
promote urination,
resolve toxicity?
c. bai wei
which herb can treat childhood nutritional impairment, w/fever thirst, and irritability due to heat?
d. hu huang lian
which herb is best for steaming bone due to kidney w/deficient heat, night sweats, steaming bone disorder, sweating chronic low grade fever, irritability, thirst?
b. di gu pi
which statement is NOT correct?

Cathartic/laxative herbs...

a. are classified by purgatives, mild purgatives and drastic purgatives
b. their main indication is constipation due to accumulation of heat or cold
c. can purge the large intestine, drain heat, and discharge water retention
d. they can be used in case of exterior syndrome
e. they should stop when the condition gets better
d. used in exterior
che qian zi should be wrapped for decoction

which urine promoting/damp draining herb can treat:
Lin syndrome
blurred vision due to liver wind-heat
coughing due to lung-heat
a. Che Qian Zi
which herb is used for
lin syndrome (damp-heat strangury)
clears summer heat
c. hua shi
both chuan mu tong and tong cao can:
c. promote urination, clear heat, free the flow of breast-milk
which urine promoting/damp draining herbs can treat insomnia due to heart fire disturbing Shen and infantile night crying?
b. deng xin cao
which urine promoting/damp draining herb can promote urination (Lin syndrome) and move blood to treat dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea?
c. qu mai
which urine promoting/damp draining herb promote urination and kill parasites to stop itching?
d. bian xu
which herb is better for Lin syndrome, Hot Lin Syndrome, and cough due to LU heat?
c. Shi Wei
which herb is king for treating Gao Lin syndrome (cloudy Lin)?
c. Bi Xie
which herb is used for all Lin syndromes but is best for Stone Lin and Bloody Lin syndromes?
d. Hai Jin Sha
which herb should be trapped for decoction?
hai jin sha
hua shi
che qian zi

all have to be trapped for decoction
which herb is best for damp skin lesions such as vaginal itching, excessive vaginal discharge, eczema?
d. di fu zi
which herb transforms damp,
warms the middle jiao,
promotes circulation of qi,
calms the fetus?
d. Sha Ren
which channels does Pei Lan enter?
d. Spleen and Stomach
which herbs can dispel wind-damp and be used for Bi-syndrome?
a. cang zhu
if a patient has:
chills and fever w/no sweating
abdominal pain
white greasy tongue coating
soggy pulse
(exterior wind-cold with damp in middle jiao),

what herb should you use?
d. huo xiang
which herb is best to treat damp heat in the spleen,
sticky sweet taste in mouth
excessive saliva
bad breath?
c. pei lan
herbs that aromatically transform damp should be decocted...
b. late
which herb can promote qi circulation
and is commonly used for distention and fullness of the epigastrium and abdomen?
b. hou po
herbs that aromatically transform damp are often used with herbs that...
a. regulate qi
which herb is best for cough and wheezing with profuse, thin sputum due to damp-phlegm in the lungs?
b. hou po
which of the following herbs can harmonize the middle jiao and stop vomiting?
c. huo xiang
what are the indications of cang zhu?
damp obstructing the middle jiao
bi syndrome due to wind-cold with dampness
exterior syndrome due to wind-cold with dampness
which herb can dispel wind-damp and relieve the exterior?
c. du huo
which herb is especially for pain of the feet and lumbar region due to wind-cold-damp Bi?
b. du huo
which herb can expel wind-damp, tonify LV and KD, and strengthen sinews and bones?
d. wu jia pi
which herb is for Bi syndrome with heat, red and swollen joints?
a. qin jiao
what is the caution of mu gua?
c. excess can harm teeth and bones
which herb unblocks channels,
extinguishes and dispels wind from the skin?
a. bai hua she
du huo gathers/enters in which channels?
b. KD/UB
wei ling xian should be combined with _______ for wind-damp impediment pain in the lower extremities?
d. niu xi
which herb treats upper extremity Bi pain?
c. sang zhi
which herb treats vomiting and diarrhea and muscle spasms?
c. mu gua
fang ji is best for treating
c. KD deficiency w/lower back pain
xi xin is cold in nature

which herb dries damp,
fortifies spleen,
dispels wind-damp
a. chen pi
which herb promotes circulation of qi in middle jiao,
relieves pain,
prevents cloying nature of tonifying herbs from causing stagnation?
a. mu xiang
30 yr old female
delayed menstruation
distention and pain in hypochondria and breasts,
normal tongue,
wiry pulse

which herb?
d. xiang fu
which herb is best to prevent cloying nature of tonics from causing stagnation?
b. chen pi
69 y/o male
frequent urination w/clear copious urine
cold sensation in lower back
pale tongue, white slippery coating
submerged, slow pulse

which herb?
c. wu yao
which herb dries damp,
fortifies spleen,
dispels wind-damp?
a. chen pi
which promotes circulation of middle qi
relieves pain,
prevents cloying nature of tonifying herbs from causing stagnation?
d. xiang fu
stop bleeding herbs can stop bleeding through:
a. cooling blood
b. activating blood
c. a stringing blood
d. warming channels
e. all of them
e. all of them

stop bleeding herbs are only to treat symptoms; in practice they should be combined with different herbs according to root causes
do not use cooling blood alone if there is blood stasis


massive hemorrhage usually accompanies escape of qi, yang and exhaustion of Yin. thus, tonifying qi, tonifying yang and tonifying yin should be added in this condition

astringing blood to stop bleeding herbs can be used for bleeding due to blood stasis
which herb is best for metrorrhagia and metrostaxis (uterine bleeding) due to blood heat?
c. di yu
which herb is best for treating traumatic injury with pain, bleeding and swelling with blood stasis
d. san qi
which herb would you choose if a patient has bleeding and blood stasis?
a. san qi
which herb would you choose if a patient has bleeding and blood heat?
d. da ji
which herb is especially good for bleeding from the LU (coughing up blood) and ST (vomiting up blood)?
d. bai mao gen
what type of bleeding is most suitable for Di Yu
d. heat
which herb can cool blood, stop bleeding, and lower blood pressure?
b. huai hua
which herbal combination can treat blood in stool and hemorrhoid bleeding due to heat in LI?
b. di yu
what is the function of ce bai ye?
b. cool blood, stop bleeding, expel phlegm
what is the function of bai mao gen?
c. cool blood, stop bleeding, promote urination
which herb should be wrapped for decoction?
b. pu huang
which herb can move blood, stop bleeding, regulate menses?
c. qian cao
which herb can move blood, stop bleeding, promote urination?
b. pu huang
which herb can move blood, stop bleeding, move SP/ST qi stagnation?
b. jiang xiang
which herb is especially good for bleeding from the LU and ST?
a. bai ji
what is the secondary function of xian he cao?
d. stop dysentery and kill parasites
which is the function of xian he cao
b. astringe blood and stop bleeding
which herb is best for deficient cold uterine bleeding?
d. ai ye

bai ji can be used in cases of coughing blood with exterior syndrome
which herbs can stop diarrhea and dysentery?
c. xian he cao and Zong Lu Pi/Tan

bai ji is incompatible with wu tou
xian he cao may cause nausea and vomiting

xian he cao can treat chronic diarrhea and dysentery with blood
which herb can astringe, stop bleeding, remove blood stasis and promote urination, especially for blood Lin syndrome?
xue yu tan
which herb stops bleeding and also breaks up blood stasis?
c. Ou Jie and Lian Fang
which herbs can warm channel to stop bleeding and warm the middle, stop pain and stop diarrhea?
b. pao jiang
which herb can calm the fetus through warming the uterus?
d. ai ye
which herbs can warm the middle to stop bleeding, warm stomach to stop vomiting and stop diarrhea?
d. fu long gan/zao xin tu
which herb should be wrapped for decoction?
d. fu long gan/ zao xin tu
and Pu Huang
which herb can be used for blood heat stagnation and/or blood deficiency?
b. dan shen
which blood activator can promote urination?
c. yi mu cao & ze lan
which herb is best for blood stasis abdominal pain and constipation?
b. tao ren
what is the indication of niu xi?
d. weak knee, lumbago
dysuria, painful urination
hemoptysis, mouth ulceration
which herb can remove blood stasis and stop bleeding?
d. wu ling zhi
which blood moving herb can clear heat, resolve carbuncles, clear heart and soothe irritability?
a. dan shen
which blood-moving herb can invigorate channels and relax the sinews?
c. niu xi