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This leader of Woman Suffrage co-founded the Woman's Suffrage Association in 1989.
Anthony, Susan Brownwell.
She was featured on the short-lived U.S. dollar coin.
This leader of Woman Suffrage was featured on the short-lived U.S. dollar coin.
Anthony, Susan Brownwell.
She co-founded the Woman's Suffrage Association in 1989.
This Philippine politician was president of the Philippines from 1986-1992.
Aquino, Corazon.
A Philippine president would have been given A KEY, NO?
This Palestinian political leader and leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization shared the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize with Yitzhak Rabin.
Arafat, Yasir.
Too easy -- no hint.
Greek mathematician and inventor known for his Principle of Buoyancy.
This smart Greek could have had his own ARCH DE MEDES.
Greek mathematician and inventor known for crying "Eureka!"
This smart Greek could have had his own ARCH DE MEDES.
Greek playwright considered the greatest ancient comedy writer; eleven of his great plays survive.
Only the ARISTOcrats could view his comedies.
Greek philosopher who studied under Plato and later tutored Alexander the Great.
This smart guy once cried "OH! TILE!" when trying to decide on what floor covering to use in his bathroom.
Greek philosopher who opened the school, the Lyceum.
This smart guy once cried "OH! TILE!" when trying to decide on what floor covering to use in his bathroom.
This African-American musician is best known for pioneering the improvisational Jazz Trumpet.
Armstrong, Louis.
This man must have a STRONG ARM to be able to hold up his trumpet for extended periods of time.
This man was the first to walk on the moon.
Armstrong, Neil.
Too easy -- no hint.
American revolutionary traitor.
Arnold, Benedict
Too easy -- no hint.
English poet best known for _Dover Beach_.
Arnold, Matthew.
The DOVE flew OVER the ARM MOLD. Weird? Yes.
This president succeeded Garfield after the president's death.
Arthur, Chester Alan
The GIGAR from the FIELD of them became and AUTHOR.
American tennish player who was the first African-American to win the U.S. Open, Australian Open,and Wimbledon.
Ashe, Arthur.
This African-American was ASHY.
President of Syria who was defense minister before leading a successful military coup that made him premier then president.
Assad, Hafez al-
There was a picture of a DONKEY in the AD for Syria.
American dancer born in Omaha, NE as Frederick Austerlitz.
Astaire, Fred.
_ _ _ _ and Ginger, spinning madly. . .
What do we care? Movies are there!
This American fur merchant excercised a virtual monopoly on the fur trade in the U.S. territories.
Astor, John Jacob.
This DONKEY ran a monopoly on all furs bought in STOREs.
The richest man in the U.S. on his death.
Astor, John Jacob.
This DONKEY ran a monopoly on all furs bought in STOREs, which made him rich.
This British statesman was a former leader of the Labour party, and member of Winston Churchill's cabinet, and he bacame prime minister in 1945.
Attlee, Clement.
"A little TEA, LEE," said the British Statesman.
American ornithologist from Santo Domingo who began collecting the extensive ornithological observations that led to the publication of _The_Birds_of_America_ in 1838.
Audobon, John James.
Too easy. . .
One of the masters fo the English novel, (s)he is best known for works such as _Sense_and_Sensibility_, _Pride_and_Predjudice_, _Mansfield_Park_, and _Emma_.
Austen, Jane.
This is SOO easy . . .
Texas, need I say more? . . .
Austin, Stephen.
Texas's capital city is . . .
Italian physisicist who created his namesake law, that gasses with equal volume, pressure, and temperature conditions contain the same number of molecules. . .
Avogadro, Amadeo.
. . . and his namesake constant is the number of molecules or atoms in a mole.
English mathematician most famous for his attempt to create a primitave computer, which he called an analytical engine.
Babbage, Charles.
CABBAGE is not a good thing to stick inside a computer.
German composer best known during his lifetime as an organist.
Bach, Johann Sebastian.
You can travel BACK in time by listening to one of his works.
English philosopher who wrote the Instauratio Magna.
Bacon, Francis.
He must've bought a bunch of BACON, FRANCIS, with his posthumus profits on his unfinished work.
English painter whose works include _Three_Studies_for_Figures_at_the_Base_of_a_Crucifixion_.
Bacon, Francis.
The profit he made from his works could've bought a bunch of BACON, FRANCIS.
American rebellion leader who led an uprising in colonial Virgina, although it was cut short when he died of Malaria.
Bacon, Nathaniel.
If only NATHAN had eaten a little more BACON, he might've lived.
English scientist and philosopher often credited with foreseeing many great scientific advances.
Bacon, Rodger.
How much BACON did this RODGER (as in Bannister) to predict all of these things?
British soldier famous for founding Boy Scouts.
Baden-Powell, Robert.
It is BAD 'n to POW 'l Boy Scouts with guns.
British explorer who, although he did not succeed in finding the Northwest Passage, he did find his namesake bay.
Baffin, William.
Too easy. . .
British diplomat who negotiated the Rush-Bagot Convention, limiting U.S. armaments on the Canadian border.
Bagot, Sir Charles.
I left a BAG of OATS on the Canadian border.
U.S. public official who served as campaign chairmant for Georger H. W. Bush.
Baker, James Addison, III.
I bet the White House has a great BAKER!
American ballet choreographer who helped found the School of American Ballet.
Balanchine, George.
This guy is one BALLET MACHINE.
Spanish conquistador who found the Pacific Ocean.
Balboa, Vasco.
I found a BALD BOA in the Pacific ocean.
African-American author famous for _Go_Tell_It_on_the_Mountain_, _Just_Above_My_Head_, and _Notes_of_a_Native_Son_.
Baldwin, James.
On BALD mountain, there were heavy WINDs.
British statesman who issued the Balfour Declaration that pledged British support for the creation of Israel.
Balfour, Arthur James.
When Israel became a country, all BALL was held FOR him.
French writer who wrote _Pere_Goriot_, _Cousin_Bette_, and _The_Human_Comedy_.
Balzac, Honore de.
The name BAL'ZAC is a really funny like a comedy is.
British athlete who was the first man to run a mile in under four minutes.
Bannister, Sir Rodger.
Too easy. . .
Canadian physisist who was the first to isolate insulin.
Banting, Sir Frederick.
Much BANTER was made about insulin.
American 20th century composer who wrote _Adagio_for_Strings_, _Knoxville. . . _, and _Antony_and_Cleopatra_.
Barber, Samuel.
The BARBER of Seville is an opera and this guy writes them (and other music, too).