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resemblence to darning needles
eyes meet upon top of head
What is their common name?
Why are they so named?
Where are their eyes?
Sew Sew Sew

Soar and hover much less than other dragonfly

What is their common name?

Why would you say they are the laziest of this order?

Would I find them at a pond or a stream?
They have widely separated eyes and spreading legs.

45-88 mm

Is this a dragonfly or a damselfly?

Are they closer to 45-88mm long or 18-75mm long?

What is this insects common name?
Are you an old hairy lady?
green eyed skimmer

woodland swamps
Is this a Green eyed skimmer or a common skimmer?

Does he favor woodland swamps or rivers?
Oh my what green eyes you have!

45-88 mm

Is this a dragonfly or a damselfly?

Are they closer to 45-88mm long or 18-75mm long?

What is this insects common name?
Are you an old hairy lady?

Belted skimmer
What order does this insect belong to?

What is his common name?
My common name is?

What do most of my family members have?

My flight is ....
Common skimmer

colored and or spots

swift sometimes interrupted by hovering
Immature odonatans...


What the heck are these?

Where would I find them?

What is this type of development called?
female club-tailed dragonly

It has a small heart-shaped head.
What is species name?

What feature identifies it as a member of this family?
Does love have to hit you over the head?
Territorial, defending their own patches.

Boggy pools and ponds.
Males are very....

Where does he usually hang out?
Bright metallic bodies

Woodland streams
What is their striking feature?

Where do the haunt?
Broad-winged damselflies

What am I?

My wings are narrow or broad?
I'm wide
Narrow winged damselflies

quiet waters

Clear Wings extremely narrow or stalked at the base..held together vertically over body when at rest
I am called...

I prefer quiet waters or rivers?

How would you describe my wings?
Broad winged
Am I a Broad winged damselfy or narrow winged?
Narrow winged damselflies

quiet waters

Clear Wings extremely narrow or stalked at the base..held together vertically over body when at rest
I am called...

I prefer quiet waters or rivers?

How would you describe my wings?
Spread winged damselflies
Do I belong to the family of...
Pygmy grasshopper

yes, I can swim
What am I?

Can I swim?

Point to my pronotum.
What is the body part on the right called...altogether?
Pygmy grasshopper
What am I?
Long horned

Yes, katydids do!
Am I a long-horned or short-horned grasshopper?

Do katydids belong in my family?

Males sing

as an egg
I was found in Michigan. What am I?

What do I do that's special?

How do I spend my winters?
On the sides of the first abdominal segment

Terrestrial up to 14,000 feet

Where are my large tympanic organs?

Where can I be found?

What other bad name do I have?
I attach crop plants
I overwinter in egg stage and do not hatch until summer
Why don't you want to visit your farm?

When do I normally hatch?
I am a true cricket.

Lay eggs in ground or plant tissue
Who am I?

Females lay egss from their needlelike ovipositors in...
Cave/camel cricket

They have bad sight and rely on long antennae.
I am wingless, nocturnal and live in moist locations...I am...

What sense do they rely upon?
Mole Cricket

Moist sand and mud
I have scooper like fore legs...I am...

I prefer moist sand and mud or dry clay?
a. Water boatman

b. Clinging to under
c. short and broad uselss for piercing and sucking
a. Fish eat many of me...I am...

b. I live most of my life..
C. My beak is a reduced mouth part that looks like...
a. Backstroke..ha ha because I am a backswimmer.

b. My color pattern is reversed to provide the same protection against predators.
a. What is my favorite swimming stroke?

b. Why do I have dark backs and light bellies?
a. Waterscorpions

B. I am a lousy swimmer.
a. I have scissor-like raptorial forelegs and sprawling middle and hind legs and two very long abdominal appendages...I am?

b.Why do I have to remain motionless while awaiting the approach of unsuspecting prey?
a. water strider

b. capturaing prey while darting across the water on their middle and hind legs.
a. I skate upon the water. I am ..

b. I use raptorial front legs strictly for ....
a. seed bug

b. Simple eyes and 4-5 prominent veins in the membrane of each forewing
A. Do I belong to seed bug family or leaf footed?

I can be distinguished from members of most similar families by the presence of ...
a. Leaf footed bug
b. plants
c. smell bad because I emit a foul odor when disturbed...squash bug.
a. My name is drived from the unusual leaf-like expansions on the hind tibia of some of my species.

b. I eat....

c. But boy do I .....
a. stink bug

b. thoracic glands and repel enemies.
a. I am a ....
b. I emit copious quantities of offensive liquid from my .....glands to repel...who
a. bed bug

b. blood of mammals and birds
a. I am a worldwide name is ...

b. I am nocturnal and feed on ...
a. Plant bug

b. Significant pest
a. I am the largest family in the order Hemiptera....

b. Why don't you want them in your garden?
a. stink bug
b. plant sap...sometimes insect larvae
a. I am generally 6mm-20mm in length...I am

b. I like to eat...
a. bed bug
a. Get out you obnoxious cimex lectularius!!! I am...
a. plant bugs...Family Miridae

b. eyes
a. I constitute the largest family in the order of Hemiptera...

b. I have no simple....
a. assassin bug
b. the internal tissues are sucked out like a straw into by my handy dandy 3-segmented beak.
a. I stalk prey and raise a dagger like beak and stab my victim....I am a

b. After I stab the poor unsuspecting insect, I ...
a. grasp things

b. coloration to hide me until I ambush butterflies, wasps and bumblebees.
a. I have raptorial front legs, which means I
b. I rely on my clever...
a. lace bug
a. As you can see I am very small 3-6mm long
Plants, and this can be a problem, because I go after only one type of I can be a very bad pest.
I eat strictly...
a. male giant water bug

b. attract them to light at night
A. Since I carry my eggs on my back, I am the male or female?
b. How would you best get to study these creatures?
a. cicadidas

b. Underground where I burrow and ffed on plant roots.

c. Because the food I eat is of low quality..low nutritional value so I don't grow
a. I am a male singer...

b. In the nymph stage I live

c. Why do I stay a nymph for 4 - 17 YEARS!!!!
A male cicadas has membraous areas of the cuticle called tymbals, which are buckled and restored by contraction and relaxation of a large muscle
How do I make sound?
a. spittlebug

b. a place for me to hide...moist refuge.
a. I am also known as frogghoppers, but my real name is..

b. The frothy white masses manufactured by the nymphs are for...
a. leafhoppers
b. saliva into the plant that results in abnormal cell growth and blockage of nutrient to the plant. The plant gets "hopperburn"
a. Every spring my tree out front gets infested with these critters..
b. Adults and nymphs such the juices from plants. When tjey feed they inject....
a. whiteflies

b. white, powdery substance
a. I am a tiny insect that is a common pest in greenhouses and indoor plants.

b. I have a substance over me..
a. aphids

b. pear

c. Parthenogenesis...eggs develop without fertilization b a male and hatch into exact genetic replicas of the mother. Billions o f offspring can originate from just one femal aphid.
a. Oh my goodness...I love to garden and these buggers better not come my way>>>>
b. I am shaped like what kind of fruit?

c. How do I produce that is pretty interesting?
a. scale insect
b. I am the raw material for certain red dyes, used for cosmetics, medicines, and beverages also, source of lac...shellac.
a. I have a habit of secreting a waxy, scale-like covering on plants...
b. You can make money off doing what?
a. yes

b. yes

c. cross in font of the head
d. Tiger beetle
a. Can I fly?

b. Do I like sun?

c. My mandibles....

d. I am...
a. moist place under rocks or logs
b. I shoot out a mixture at 212 degree F in irritating gaS THAT deters all predators.

c. ground beetle
a. During the day you would find me...

b. bombardier beetles belong to my family. What exactly do I do that got me this name?
c.I am a ..
a. predacious water beetle

b. When I dive I store it bubble in a special chamer under the elytra(wing cover)
a. I am a ...

b. How do I get my air?