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How old was Pocahontas when she first saved John Smith
What did Pocahontas keep doing for the colony of Jamestown?
Protecting them, and bringing them food.
Who owned to the copper kettle?
Captain Samuel Argall of the ship, The Treasurer
Who admired and WANTED to copper kettle?
Chief Japazaws (and wife)
What was traded FOR the copper kettle?
What did Pocahontas learn the year she lived in Jamestown?
the white woman's customs, and how to become a Christian
What did Powhatan promise as a wedding gift to Pocahontas?
Peace between the Indians and white man, so long as his daughter lived.
What became Pocahontas' new name?
Who did Pocahontas marry?
John Rolfe
What was Pocahontas(Rebecca) and John Rolfe's son's name? How old was the boy when Pocahontas died?
Thomas Rolfe