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nostram terrenam imperialem potentiam
our earthly imperial power
eius sacrosanctum Romanam ecclesiam
his holy Roman church
nostrum imperium et terrenum thronum
our empire and earthly throne
sedem sacratissimam B. Petri gloriose exaltari
the most sacred seat of the Blessed Peter shall be gloriously exalted
quatuor precipuas sedes
the four principal seats
cunctus a um
all, all with an implied exception
cultum Dei (cultus us)
service of God (worship, cultivation, elegance etc.)
Ecclesiis beatorum apostolorum Petri et Pauli
On the churches of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul
possessionum predia contulimus (praedium i)
we have conferred estates of possessions
et rebus diversis eas ditavimus(dito are)
and we have enriched them with different things
et per nostram imperialem iussionem sacram (iussio)
and through our sacred imperial command
oriens, orientis
day-break, sunrise, east, the East; 3m
et omnibus, eius successoribus Pontificibus
and to all Popes, the successors of him,
usque in finem mundi
continuously unto the end of the world
all the way, continuously, always, right on, at every point
gloriam potestatis nostrae
the glory of our power
Et sicut imperialis milicia ornatur, ita et clerum sanctae Romanae ecclesiae ornari decernimus
And just as the the imperial army is adorned, so also we decree that the clergy of the holy Roman church be adorned.
salto ,are
to dance
quiritor, ari
complain excessively
irrito, are
excite, exasperate, annoy