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domestic violence
-violence against a spouse or ones own kids
what are some epidemiological aspects of domestic violence?
-6 million women are beaten in their homes each year
-1/3 of women in emergency departments is a victim of violence
-abuse by a partner is the leading cause of injury in women btw 15 and 44
-50% of homeless women and kids are fleeing domestic violence
what are some of the primary risk factor for domestic violence?
-substance abuse
what are some common traits of abused women?
-low self esteem
-low self image
-childhood abuse
-traditional role model
what are the three major types of batterers?
-traditional batterer: cycle of violence
-episodic batterer: rare eruptions
-rapid cycler: violent in many situations
what are some clinical signs of an abused person?
-injuries in various stages of healing
-suicide attempts
-post traumatic stress reactions
what questions should be asked of a patient who you assume has been a victim of domestic abuse?
-have you ever been forced to have sex when you said no?
-do you ever feel afraid of your partner?
-what happens when you and your partner disagree?
-does your partner keep you from seeing friends, working, or handling the money?
what are the documentation and reporting requirements in ohio?
-documentation in medical records of suspected abuse
-photographs of injuries if possible
what are some psychiatric illnesses associated with domestic violence?
-learned helplessness
-unable to predict effect of their behavior
what are the goals of the survivor therapy approach to treatment?
-achieve safety
-re empowerment
-increase self esteem
what are the treatment approaches for victims of domestic violence?
-social support
what are common psychological profiles of men who are abusers?
-highly dependent on females for emotional support
-chemical dependency
-lack trust
-no secure attachment as kids