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G.I. Bill
Service Man's readjustment Act
-passed to help soldiers
1.pays for schooling them opportunity to borrow money to start business or buy a farm
3.gave them money to buy houses with very low intrests
Bretton Woods Agreement
-made it easier for countries to conduct trade
-made the dollar the measuring stick for all other countries
Taft-Harley Act
restricts the rights of unions to go on strike->can be ordered back to work by President Union officials->had to sign a loyalty oath to U.S.

-beginning of Unions being more supportive of democratics than republicans
Unions get better benifits for workers
-paid vacations
-better benefits
-higher wages
-dental plans

Fair Deal
introduces Fair Deal
1.increases minimum wage
2.expands the amount of people that can receive social security builds housing for the poor (low income housing)

wants to do but congress doesnt allow
1.wants gov. to give money to states for schools
2.wants to establish a national health plan
General Douglass Macarthur

modern japan
-chosen to head military in japan
-set up his offices in tokyo
-rebuilt japanese society
-helped the japanese create a constitution that is democratic
-allows women to vote, have labor unions for workers
-general mcarthur is the father of modern day japan

reasons america wants japan to prosper
-allow america to have a trading partner
-have their success to be a contrast to china communism
so what did happen to Germany after WWII
divided into 4 sections so that U.S., England, Russia and Germany And France could have a piece
Western Allies?
France, England, and U.S.
What did the WEstern Allies want to do with Germany?
they wanted to reunite germany but Soviet Union didnt want to so Germany became Eastern and Western Germany
Iron Curtain
symbolic phrase that means the separation of eastern and western europe
-economic and social separation
cold war
period of 45 years of friction between U.S. and Soviet Union
What does Stalin want?
control of Eastern European nations as a buffer zone in case of attack
stalin wants a World Wide Revolution

Greece/ Turkey
supplies other commies with weapons
and tries to invade greece and turkey

British was supplying weapons to these countries, they run out of money so they ask u.s. for help

u.s. supplies them with weapons

eventually greece and turkey stops communism because of american weapons
George Kennan
creates long range plan to contain russia

containment- stop spread of communism
Marshall Plan
designed to help the european coutries recover so they dont convert to communism

-u.s. helped them rebuild their factories provided them with machinery for farms, rebuild their internal transportation systems

-economically-trading partners, economics improved by 60%
-politically-communist political parties began getting littler
North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Warsaw Pact
-military alliance between U.S., Canada and western europe democracies
-if one member of NATO attacked all members attacked
-created because western europe afraid of soviet invasion

western europe is put under the nuclear shield of united states

Warsaw Pact
-kinda like nato but it's for communists

later the u.s. created the hydrogen bomb 100x more powerful than the atomic bomb

later soviets also does and this begins the arms race
-later falls under communism
-communism succeeds in china because they have more support from chinese peasants
-truman is blamed for it
-nationalists went to taiwan and set their gov.t there
-U.S. provided weapons to the nationalists

after WWII, korea divided into 2 at the 38th parallel

-later N.Koreans invaded into S.Korea
-UN had been ccreated after WWII as a peace keeping organization

-two parts
-general assembly
-security council-can veto any propsal-most important part of UN
-U.S., France, England, Russia, China part of Security Council
-decided to help south korea

-90% of soldiers were americans fighting in south korea
-Truman asks McArthur as the head of military in Korea
-picks inchon to land
-Mao issued a warning about the american troops in N.Korea
-3000 chinese soldiers begin to attack the Americans in N.Korea
-Americans get pusshed down to South
-McArthur wanted to use nuclear bombs against china but Truman says no many times and he gets fired because they didnt want to bring china into this war

-Later Signed a treat with N.S.Korea and U.s. that official border is the 38th parallel
Red Scare

House of Unamerican Activities Committee

Nixon and Alger Hiss


people were scared that communism was going to destry the U.S. government

-reveled that spies had given soviet union info on the atomic bomb

created by house of representatives to investigate anything that threatens U.S. safety
-began to investigate the spread of communism

-Pumpkin papers were found
microfilm of state department papers
hiss sentenced to jail for purgery

-accused for selling secrets to the soviet union on the atomic bomb