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what is CSP
Career sea pay
what is CSP-P
Career sea pay premium
who qualifies for csp-p?
A member entitled to career sea pay
who has served 36 consecutive months of sea duty is also entitled to career sea pay premium for
the 37th consecutive month and each subsequent consecutive month of sea duty served.
what is Cumulative Sea Duty.
total time a member has
been assigned to qualifying sea duty during their service career, regardless of pay grade.
A member beginning a period of sea duty on October 2, 2007, would accrue CSP-P
beginning when?
october 3 2010
what members of the Navy and Marine Corps may become
entitled to CSP-P as a separate item of pay.
1. All officers in pay grades O-1 through O-6.
2. All warrant officers.
3. All enlisted members in pay grades E-1 through E-4.
4. Enlisted members in pay grades E-5 through E-9 with not over 8 years of cumulative sea duty.
who doesn't get sea time credited?
midshipmen, aviation cadets, or academy cadets.
when does sea pay start?
starts on date of reporting to permanent duty
defined as sea duty ans ship is underway