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Five Points of Calvinism
Total Depravity
Unconditional Election
Limited Atonement
Irresistable Grace
Perseverance of the Saints
Warning Passages
A. 2 Peter 3:9 - refers to the elect
B. Matthew 23:37 - refers to Israel as God's testimony-nation
C. I Timothy 2:4 - Paul is encouraging them to pray for all men
Parameters of election
A. According to God's pre-determined pan
B. In conjunction with God's Foreknowledge
C. Pertaining only to the Saints: not "double predestination"
Categories of the elect
1. Israel
2. Church
3. Individual believers making up those two units
Aspects of Salvation
1."We have been saved" - Justification, adoption, regeneration
2. "We are being saved" - Sanctification, perseverance; the ongoing process
3. "we Shall be saved" - Glorification; the completion of the process at death or the rapture
Tenses of salvation
1. Past
2. Present
3. Future
Three Purposes of Election
1. The Glory of God
2. The Self-disclosure of God
3. The Program of God: To carry out His eternal plan for this world through His elect
Two Theological objections to the doctrine of "eternal security"
1. It robs man of personal freedom
2. It encourages a slackening of zeal in the pursuit of holiness
Two "key questions" that support the "theological argument" for eternal security
1. Are you born of God?
2. Are you one of Christ's sheep?
Two responsibilities of sinners regarding "conversions"
A. Faith - intellectual understanding & personal committment of one's eternal well-being to Christ
B. Repentance - regarding sin and Christ
C. Works
Two aspects of a sinner's "change of mind" regarding "repentance"
Regarding sin and Christ
Seven Tests of salvation from I John
1. Do you have fellowship with God?
2. Do you live by the Word?
3. Do you love the world?
4. Do you overcome sin?
5. Do you love God's people?
6. Are you filled witht he doctrine of Jesus Christ?
7. Do you have Assurance of salvation?
What are the two witnesses of "general revelation?
Creation and Conscience
What is the "common characteristic" that most of God's elect share?
Undesirable weakness
Four examples of "irresistible grace"
1. The salvation of the nation of Israel
2. The faithfulness of the remnant
3. The prosperity of the righteous
4. The sanctification of the righteous