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Deliverance from the temporal and eternal effects of sin through the grace of God and the restoration of man's ability to fulfill God's creative purpose for his life; roomy, freedom from what binds or restricts, deliverance, liberation, giving width and breadth to something, cure, recovery, remedy, resuce, redemption, welfare, preservation from danger, disease, or death, saving from eternal death and endowing a person with everlasting life, sacrifice, redemption, reconciliation, propitiation, justification
the declaration of reighteousness, being viewed as fully meeting God's requirements by being brought into a legal union with Christ
The restoration to favor with God and the opportunity to claim all the benefits provided by the loving Father
The basic change in teh direciton of one's life from an inclination toward sin to a positive desire to live righteously; an alteration of one's character; an infusion of a spiritual life
A progressive, subjective alteration of the individual's spiritual condition by which one actually becomes holier; the on-going process of Christian growth toward Christlikeness
An individual's maintaining of faith in Christ to the very end of his life through the grace of God
The completion of the process of sanctification when the spiritual nature of the believer will be perfected
Total Depravity
Lack of ability to obey God and lack of ability to seek God
Unconditional Election
God's choice before the foundation of the world of certain individuals for eternal salvation based on His own purposes irrespective of their personal merits
Limited Atonement
Christ's sacrificial death was only for His elect (Particular redemption)
Irresistable Grace
God's sovereign power to successfully accomplish His purpose of saving His elect in cooperation with the human will
Perseverance of the saints
God's sovereign power to cause His saints to persever in faith until death (doctrine of the eternal security of the believer)
Change of mind
of salvation
1. Causes of doubt A. Question God's Word i)mental confusion: scientific/rationalistic arguments ii)emotional instability B. Question their obedience to God's Word
a parameter of election. Not causal...because of...