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Replication =
Process of duplicating the DNA so the cell can divide
Where does Replication take place?
Transcription =
Process of making mRNA using DNA as a template
Where does Transcription take place?
Translation =
Process of building a protein using the mRNA
Where does Translation take place?
What is a protein made of?
Amino acids hooked together by peptide bonds
What is one way DNA is different from RNA?
DNA has 2 strands hooked together, RNA is one
What is another way DNA is different from RNA?
DNA has deoxyribose as the sugar, RNA has ribose
What is one way DNA is different from RNA?
A bonds with T in DNA, in RNA, A bonds with U
mRNA =
messenger RNA – made in nucleus, carries instructions for making a protein to ribosome
tRNA =
transfer RNA – brings amino acids to ribosome to build protein, tRNA is complimentary to mRNA
Nitrogen Bases =
A, T (U), G, C – bond together to form rungs on DNA “ladder”
Nucleotides =
Repeating unit that make up DNA and RNA
What are three parts of a nucleotide?
Sugar, Phosphate, and nitrogen base
What does Complimentary mean in terms of DNA?
Sides fit together because A – T and G - C
What happens at the Ribosomes?
Making of proteins in process of translation.
What processes happen at the Nucleus?
Replication and transcription
Amino Acids =
Proteins are made of amino acids molecules all hooked together
Codon =
3 base pairs of mRNA that code for a protein
Mutation =
Mistake in the DNA that results in the wrong protein being made