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DNA synthesis
substrates: dNTP's, 3'OH of PRIMER strand, template strand
Cofactor: Mg2+
Catalyst: DNA polymerase
Energy: from breaking bond b/w first and second phosphate of dNTP's
-always build 5' to 3',add new dNTP's onto the 3' end
A form of DNA
-formed in DNA under dehydrating conditions
-major form of RNA double helix
-shorter, fatter than B form
-High degree of base pare tilt
-right handed twist
B form of DNA
-standard DNA double helix
-34 degrees twist,3.4A rise, very little tilt
-minor groove narrower and major groove wider than A form
-right handed
Z form of DNA
-long and skinny
-only left handed
-kinked backbone
-GC rich
-much greator rise and reduced twist relative to B
-15 twist b/w pyrimidine and purine
-45 twist b/w purine and pyrimidine
5th card to preserve
5th card to preserve