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Mediterranian Panzell w/ Fresh Mozzarella
Sliced golden and red tomatoes,pepper and onions, served on top of sliced buffalo mozzarella in a (vinegar & Olive Oil) dressing.
Chicken Salad
Grilled Chicken Breast served over mixed greens with blue cheese, walnuts and choice of dressing?
Tuna Nicoise
Marinated tuna served on a bed of frisse lettuce,black olive, onion and choice of dressing
from Nice, in the south of france
crispy,curly,bitter lettuce
Grilled Atlanta Salmon Salad
with Mixed Greens, Blue Cheese,Pecans And shaved Green Onions.
Django House Salad
Chai Tea Vinaigrette & Sesame Crisps
Roasted Leg of Lamb on Foccaccia with Eggplant, Tomatos Mozzerlla, And Harissa Aioli
Sliced Roasted leg of lamb,golden tomaotes. Fresh Buffalo Mozzerlla.
Middle eastern hot sauce
Grilled Marinated Beef Skewers with sambal olek and garlic
Marinated and grilled with fresh garlic and (sambal olek, an indonesian chili hot sauce) served with crispy feild greens in a chalet vinaigrette (has mustard in it)
Linguini with gulf shrimp and a spicy yellow curry
cocunut milk based curry sauce (that is sweet and spicy)
Grilled Hanger steak with Bistro Frites and mixed greens
full flavored steak,similar to flank, bestdone medium well (crispy on outside) Texture rougher than ribeye. Served with homemade french fries and mixed green salad
Thai Barbecued Tender Pork with Pretzel Roll and Mango Slaw
Sliced and served on top of pretzel roll with sliced mango on top. Sweet Mango slaw balances out the spicy pork.
Django Chicken salad sandwhich with cranberry raisins and walnuts on 9 grain sourdough
Mayo based chicken salad with dried cranberries and walnuts, served on 9 grain toasted sourdough. Served with French Fries
Soup Du Moment
Changes Daily
You want pizza
changes daily
Truffled Scrambled Eggs with Grilled Merguez Sausage
scrambled eggs drizzled with truffle infused olive oil & served with two merguez sausages and toast.
a delicious, rare mushroom with a hardy flavor (meaty flavor)
Merguez Sausage
made of lamb,spicy in flavor from tunisa
Barbecued Baby Back Ribs
Ribs are served with a side of homeade cabbage and bell pepper colelslaw.
Crispy Calamari with sweet and sour chili and soy
generous portion of calamari tossed with a sweet and sour, spicy asian chili sauce.
Spicy Rock Shrimp with saffron aioli
rock shrimp tossed in mayo based saffron infused sauce
pungent flavored spice derived from stigmas of the saffron flower.
served in white wine sauce with fresh garlic and cayenne pepper a bit spicy
French Farmhouse Plate
plate of freshly sliced cured meats (prosciutto,copa,soppresatta) and cheese (brie and goat) served with tiny pickles (tiny and sour)