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What are the guidlines for waterborne hull cleaning of ships and Craft?
What are the requirements for Cleaning hulls that have been designated as having Organtine or Ablative paints applied?
NSTM ch 081 has guidlines further information can be obtained from NAVSEA OOC. Drysuit is preferred using a full face mask and gloves
What are the guidlines for putting a standby diver in the water during UWSH dive?
Must be surface supplied dive,must have been deemed safe by other diver, must have comms, NO "D" , less then 60 feet.
What are the fouling rating numbers and how are they assigned to a scale?
The rating numbers are assigned on a scale of 0 to 100 in 10 point increments.
What are the two types of underwater welding?
Dry and Wet.
Masker Emitter Belts are located were? And what is a good description of them?
Masker emitter belts are installed at the forward end of the ships machinery spaces and run vertically down both sides of the external hull from a point above the waterline to a termination at the keel.
What indications wourd be seen with water contamination in the hydraulic fluid?
What is the function of the rope guard assembly?
Reduce the probabilty of fouling the propeller.
What precautions must be taken when using the HP water jet system on propellers (hydro-lance)
Pressures of 10000 are not allowed.
What cleaning equipment may not be used to clean hulls,propellers,and sonar domes?
acid cleaning solutions.
What is not an advantage of broco cutting?
the burning time of electrodes is short.
what polarity is normally used in wet welding?
What is the maximum time the preheat switch can be used on a diesel engine?
1 minute
When looking forward at a propeller what is the numbering system of all the blades?
for left hand rotation the numbers go clockwise and for right hand rotation the numbers go counter clockwise.
What is the Hub of a propeller?
The center section of the propeller bored for a tapered fit onto the shaft.
what is the blade fillet on a propeller
The radi defined by the transition fo the blade faces into the hub. Also referred to as the blade root.
what is the pressure face on a propeller?
The aft face of the propeller blade.
What is the suction face on a propeller?
the forward face of the propeller blade.
Leading Edge is what on a prop?
The blade edge adjacent to the forward end of the propeller hub.
Trailing edge is what on a prop? And what is a blade knuckle?
The blade edge adjacent to the aft end of the proeller hub. a blade knuckle is a sharp , wedge-shaped trailing edge.
What is the blade tip on a prop?
The blade edge on the outer most radius of the propeller.
Holes that are drilled in the channel near the leading edge is called what?
Emitter holes. they distribute Praier masker air.
What is the fairwater assembly and what different charcteristics can it have?
The fairwater is a cone like fitting that goes aft of the prop a complex fairwater could have a praire air system in it.
What are three methods of removal for propeller removal?
Hydraulic fluid forced into the pilgram nut causes it to expand and unseat the prop.
Charleston gear (hydralic ram) then theres explosives
What are the two methods of rigging for removal of a prop?
Balence beam method and Yard and stay method.
What are the two ways to seat a prop after being installed?
Pilgram nut and propeller nut wrench
When removing the APU what is needed and what ships have APU'S?
FFG 7 class have APU'S and inorder to remove a coffer dam is required.
What are the clearence tolerances for the APU propeller and the kort nozzle?
minimum is .040 of an inch
maximum is .185 of an inch
were is the APU located?
One on each side of the keel usually between frame 100 and 108. just aft of the keel mounted sonar dome.
What are three types of screws?
solid/monoblock,controlled pitch, built up propeller
How offen do you do a swim by on patches?
every 7 days, suspected leak,
What do fin stabilizers work off of in the ship and what is used to move them?
hydrolicly moved and controled by the ships gyro?
How are the blades on a CPP numbered?
there numbered from left to right in Alphabetic order.
What is the purpose of a skeg?
to support the shaft and hydrodynamics.
What jobs do we need dry habitats?
SPM, APU, shaft lamination, waterline welding,sonar dome heated water change.
What are the types of rudders?
balenced , semi balenced, unbalenced
What are the requirments for entering a ballast tank?
gasfreed space continuous every 15 min , periodic is every 1 hour
How offen do you preform a swim by on a patches?
every 7 days, leak suspected, high level water.
what are the 2 types of spm or secondary propulsion motor?
water and sealed.
what kind of info can you find on the hub of screw
weight, manufacture, material type, direction, serial # , last referb date, drawing number
what is chapter 1
index and user guide
what is chapter 6
submarine sonor systems
what it chapter 4
auxillary propellers unit
what is chapter 3
what is chapter 5
masker emitter belts
what is chapter 7
nondustructive testing
what is chapter 8
secondary propulsion motor
what is chapter 10
diver tools
what is chapter 9
sonar rubber domes
what is chapter 11
wet and dry chamber welding
what is chapter 12
controllable pitch propellars
what is chapter 13
propulsion shaft covering repair
what is chapter 16
what is chapter 15
protection sleeve replacment and sea chest repair
what is chapter 17
inspections procedures
what is chapter 18
propulsion bearings
what is chapter 19
cathodic protection systems
what is chapter 23
submarine pre deployment noise inspection
what is chapter 20
painting and fairing compounds
what is chapter 24
fin stabilizers
what is chapter 25
what is chapter 27
what is appendix B
what is appendix A
material requirements
what is appendix C
patch and plug inspection checksheet
what is appendix D
patch and plug installation checksheet
what is appendix E
minimum diver cofferdam training requirments
what is appendix G
report of ships responsiblitys for patch installations
what is appendix F
J-bolt minimum requirements
what are the major components of a FFG
single set running gear, finstabalizer, keel mounted sonar dome, scraficial anodes, dual apu's, no bilge keel, retractble pitsword, bow mounted anchor
what are the characteristics or a DDG
dual set running gear, bilge keels, iccp, bow mounted sonar dome,
what are the characteristics of a LHD
no sonar dome, dual set running gear, bilge keels, iccp,
what are the characteristics of a LHA
no sonar dome, dual set running gear, bilge keels, iccp,
what are the characteristics of a LPD
no sonar dome, dual set running gear, bilge keels, iccp,
what are the characteristics of a CG
dual set running gear, bilge keels, iccp, bow mounted sonar dome,
what is the only ffg with iccp
uss engram
what are the characteristics of a carrier
quad set running gear, dual rudders, reactor discharge port side, and moores starboard for quarterdeck
what is the name of the component in a pilgram nut that inflates to create movement to unseat or seat the prop.
the nitrile tire
what ane were the keys located on a propeller
the keys are guide ways to secure the hub to the shaft they are located at 12 and 6 o'clock
what are the 7 checks for the checklist for a pitsword/rodmeter removal or changeout.
1 review navsea techmanuals 7and 8
2 locate guide pin and enusre welded
3 gas freed space with chit
4 emergancy dewatering gear
5 verify side screws operate freely and can hold meter
6 refurbish holes for cofferdam placement
7 sound powered phones provided for communication from space
what are the three major components of a apu
TRD training and retracting device, apu motor, controls
what is the allowable gap for an apu fairing plate to the hull
1inch plus or minus 1/4 inch
what is the allowable ressesion allowed for the apu faring plate
FWD is flush or resessed 1/4 inch
AFT is flush or pertruding 1/4 inch
what is the splash zone mixing ratio
1part epoxy to 1 part hardener
what are the 3 doors that a torpedo travels through
breach door , muzzle door, shutter door
what is the mixture ratio for hycote
3.2 hycote to 1 part hardener
what is the minumum vent size used to vent for a eductor or internal vent
1/2 inch or greater
what is chapter 14 uwsh
sca pods
can you dive within 50 of an active suction what are the rules
oppsite side of definable keel
less then 50 gpm, both co's okay's work and deemed emergent
what are the rules for active sonar in relation to distance of the diver
wetsuit unhooded-start at 1000 ft and move inward for diver comfort
wetsuit hooded start at 600 and move in to diver comfort
helmeted start at 3000 yards and move inward to diver comfort.
when is a reinforced patch required
when the grating is spaced greater then 5 inches
what ships have keel mounted sonar domes and what ships have bow mounted
ffg's have keel mounted all the rest have bow they have keel mounted domes cause they have bow mounted anchors
what are the 6 components of a iccp system
control unit, power unit, reference cell, stuffing tubes, anodes, dielectric shield
what is the requried pertrusion for dc plugs
3 to 4 inches
what are the allowable list for doing a cpp blade change out
1 degree list due to guiding blade off of the guide pins
what is the required overlap of patching material
overlap of opening must be at least 3 inches on all edges
what is the required materials for making patches
5000 series aluminum, 1 inch marine grade plywood, 1/4 inch mild steel, (16 gauge SS or 5000 series are only mats for subs allowed to be used)
what is the recipe for bintsuke
cooking oil,rosin,beeswax,tallow,parafin,cheesecloth
where would you find FR's that are greater then 40 on ships
docking block locations and inside seachests and gratings interior
what is used to clean the prarie masker system
approved water jet
what cleaning materials can be used on a ships hull and props and sonar dome
props and hull- hand held rotary brush unit,self propelled cleaning vehicle, water jets, hand held scraper

and for sonar domes disc d3 a 3 density abrasive cleaning disc, hand held scraper, wood or plastic
what is a lvl 1,2,3 inspection
1 stern to stern, non evasive
2 system specific, non evasive usally from lvl 1 reported problem
3 system specific evasive disassembly
what are the size of holes on masker emitter belts. and what are MEB's made of
when cleaning the MEB's what part of the belt is cleaned at the bottom
the plug
what is the required clearence of the patches edges in comparison to the opening
must have 3 inches clearence all the way around opening
for a shaft lamination what is the lowest allowable and highest allowable temp for curing the GRP
60 degrees Farenhiet
when using a belly band for a patch what is the minumum size wire rope used
3/8's wire rope
what is the clearence that is requried for a non built up dog house
what is the smallest allowable vent hole for an eductor
no less then 1/2" to prevent a vacume
what is the ideal temp for a shaft lamination
73 ideal no higher then 80 degrees
what side does a carrier moor on
starboard side cause quarterdeck is on that side and reactor discharges port
what are the two types of foam for patches and what are there usable depths
open cell foam is 35fsw or shallower and closed cell is 35fsw and deeper