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Who was the defender of Divine Rights of King?
Thomas Hobbes
What book did Thomas Hobbes write?
What did the book Leviathan talk about?
That mankind by nature is bad
what are the 3 major issues?
money, foreign policy, and religion
What petition did religion cause?
Millenary Petition
What were the two major religious groups?
Episcopal & Presbyterian
what group thought that the church of england is a protestant church but should have the style of a catholic church?
what group thought that there should be local town meetings and have a democratic society?
Who did the puritans become?
Who was James I's son?
Prince of Wales
What petition did parliament issue during Chalres I's reign?
Petition of Right Stuart Magna Carta
What petition declared no force loans, illegal imprision, and no quartering of troops
Petition of Right Stuart Magna Carta
Who imposed the policy thoraough?
William Wentworth (Earl of Statford) & Archbishop Laud
What is the policy where they centralize the king's control?
Who tried to impose onto a new prayer books onto Scot?
Archbishop Laud
When Charles dismissed Parliament because of their demands, what was Parliament then called?
short parliament
What battle made things more desperate for Charles?
Battle of Newburn
What was the new parliament called after the battle?
Long parliament
What were the demands of long parliament?
1. behead Laud & statford
2. pass the triannual act
3. abolish two courts: star chamber & high commission
What gaint document was submitted because of Irish rebellion
Grand remonstrance
What document had a list of grievances and restrictions on king?
Grand remonstrance