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who wrote the three musketeers?
who was the king of the three musketeers
Louis XIII
which prime minister was chosen by Louis VIII and his omther?
Cardinal Richelieu
Who married Anne of Austria?
Louis XIII
Who was the wife of Louis XIII
Anne of Austria
What were the two goals of Cardinal Richelieu?
to make Louis supreme in France, to make France supreme in Europe
What Edict was revoked that took away the military clauses of the Hugenots?
Edict of Nantes
Because of the revokation of Edict of Natnes, what city was fortified by the Hughenots?
La Rocelle
What was another name for Royal Governors? who also took away powers of the nobilities
Who was Louis XIV's mother?
Anne of Austria
Who was the minister of Lous XIV?
Cardinal Mazarin
Who's mother & what was her name had an affair with a minister and what was the minister's name?
Anne of Austria, Cardinal Mazarin
What event was it when the people of France went against Louis XIV, his mother & minister for heavily taxing the people?
What palace was attached to the LOO?
Who was the first minister of finance who was corrupted and stole money?
Who arrested Fouquet for corruption?
Which middle class man was chosen as the new minister of finance?
What were the two noble classes?
Nobility of Sword and Nobility of Cloth
Who was the famous french explorer and architecture?
Who built highways and cut tolls so it would encourage trade?
A fort was built because of Colbert, where was it built?
WHat were the two kind of taxes?
Taills and Gabelle
What are Taills and Gabelle?
Taills: property and income tax
Gabelle: insidious tax, salt tax
Who was the first to modernize army?
Count of Louvois
What weapon did the French invent?
the Bayonet
Who was the best general at sieges?
Who was good at building fortification and attackign fortification?
What kind of fort was low and created dangerous cross fire?
Star Fort
Who was good at digging trenches into the fort?
Who helped Louis Dissemble?
Hughes Delionne
Who was a politician and a diplomat?
Hughes Delionne
What is it called when you hide your true intentions?
The court life was the age of what?
What did people wear or put on to hide their odor since they didn't shower much
perfume & powder
Who was the architect for Versailles?
Roco Co
What is the term when during Louis XIV's reign, the nobilities would grow poor because of trying to meet up with the standards
What treaty ended the WWI?
Treaty of Versailles
Who sold potions for romance, poison, & abortion?
La Voisin
Who were Louis three mitresses?
Louise De la Valliere
Madame de Montespan
Madame de Maintemon
Who was Louis wife?
Marie Therese
What were the four wars that Louis got himself into?
War of Devolution
League of Augsburg
and the Spanish Succession
What city that Louis took started the war of the League of Augsburg?
Who was offered the throne of Spain?
Why did the fourth war: the Spanish Succession start?
because the king of spain died & the throne was offered to Louis' grandson & Europe is threatened because of "balance of power"
Who were the two famous generals who beat the French army
Eugene of Saxony & John Churchill
What were the two victories of John Churchill?
Rocrai & Blenheim
Because of John CHurchill's victories, what palace was he awarded?
Palace of Blenheim
Who was the person before he became the DUke of Marlborough?
John CHurchill
Who did Churchill become?
Duke of Marborough
What treaty ended the war that changed the history of Europe?
treaty of Utrehc
Which French heir became the King of Spain?
Phillip V
What giant rock controled the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea and who now owns it?
Gibralter & England
What were the two houses' names?
House of Savoy
& House of Hollenzollern
Who were the electors of House of Savoy?
piedmont - Sardinia
Who were the electors for the house of hollenzollern
Brudenburg aka King of Prussia
WHat was the famous statement of LouiS XIV?
"L'etat C'est Moi"
what does "L'etat C'est Moi" mean?
I am the state