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brain drain
when citizens with an education leave for a better job in another country
capital leakage
the huge gap between gross receipts and the total tourist dollars that remain in the Caribbean
Caribbean Community and Common Market
this organization proposed an ambitious regional industrialization plan and the creation of the Caribbean Development Bank to assist the poorer states
chain migration
one family member at a time is brought over to the new country
circular migration
a man or woman typically leaves children behind with relatives in order to work hard, save money, and return home
African and European cultures blended together in the Caribbean
the economic flight of Caribbean peoples across the globe
free trade zone
duty and tax free industrial parks for foreign corporations
Greater Antilles
the four larger islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico
small, enclosed properties of a half acre or less include a number of dwellings, small livestock, fruit trees, herb gardens, and a protected play and work space
strong tropical storm that has strong winds and rain
identured labor
workers contracted to labor on estates for a set period of time
isolated proximity
used to explain the region's unusual and contradictory position in the world
Lesser Antilles
form a double arc of small islands stretching from the Virgin islands to Trinidad
communities of runaway slaves
mono-crop production
a single commodity is produced
Monroe Doctrine
claimed that the US would not tolerate European military involvement in the Western Hemisphere
The state of poor, third-world countries which enjoy formal political independence, but continue to remain economically dependent on rich, industrialized countries
offshore banking
closely associated with the Bahamas, this appeals to foreign banks and corporations by offering specialized services that are confidential and tax-exempt
plantation America
designated a cultural region that extends from midway up the coast of Brazil thorugh the Guianas and the Caribbean into the southeastern US
monies sent back home
the coastal zone of the mainland
straddling livelihoods and households between two countries