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The greeting in a letter, such as "Dear Sir."
Short, written statements or messages.
The person receiving payment.
Preprinted heading at the top of stationery (paper) used for written correspondence.
A line under the inside address that indicates the purpose of the letter.
subject line
A written signature on the back of a check. It is required in order to receive payment.
The process of seeking information or advice from another person.
To evaluate; to determine the purpose of telephone calls so they can be referred to the correct person.
A period of time to be kept open on an appointment schedule to allow for emergencies, telephone calls, and other unplanned situations
buffer period
A telephone service with a menu that automatically transfers calls to the appropriate extension.
automated routing unit (ARU)
A letter format in which all parts of the letter start at the left margin.
block style
A person's name, written by that person.
A method of prioritizing treatment.
A wireless system used to alert an individual that he or she has a message or phone call.
paging system
Letter-writing format in which all parts of the letter start at the left margin except the heading, complimentary close, signature, and title, which start at the center line.
modified-block style
Not to be shared or told; to be held in confidence or kept to oneself.
Main content or message part of a letter.
A schedule to do something on a particular day and time.
A paper or card used in filing systems to prevent the misplacement or loss of records.
cross index/reference
A record on which charges or costs for services are listed.
charge slip
Messages and information sent from computer to computer; also known as e-mail.
electronic mail
Bank forms listing all cash and checks to be placed in a checking or savings account.
deposit slips
A written order for payment of money through a bank.
The courtesy closing of a letter, such as "Sincerely."
complimentary close
To receive; a letter requesting payment on an account.
A notation at the bottom of a letter to inform the recipient that additional material is enclosed.
enclosure notation
Search for information.
Arranging in order.
A record that shows all diseases, illnesses, and surgeries that a patient has had.
medical history
Card or record that shows a financial account of money charged, received, or paid.
ledger card
The section of a letter containing the address of the person sending the letter and the date of writing.
A machine that transmits data electronically over the telephone lines, after which the data are printed by the receiving machine.
fax (facsimile) machine
Forms that are completed with the appropriate data and are used to request payment from an insurance company.
insurance forms
The person who writes a check to issue payment; also known as the maker.
The person who writes a check to issue payment; also known as the originator.
To have arranged names in the proper order for filing purposes.
Initials placed at the bottom of a letter to indicate the writer and/or preparer.
reference initials
Notification to a patient that it is time to return for periodic or follow-up care.
A written record that money or goods have been received.
Record containing basic facts about a patient, such as address, place of employment, insurance, and similar items.
statistical data
A financial form that shows the charges, amounts paid, and balance due.
A method of maintaining financial accounts and records in an office; also known as a one-write system.
pegboard system