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Tamoxifen- what class is it in? what else can it be used for? what are the risks? you got this!
SERM receptor antagonist
endometrial cancer
If your patient is in a bad accident and talks about suicide what should you do?
Take it seriously!
look at risks- males, alcohol, plan, talks about it, traumatic experience
advise patient to stay
you can involuntarily commit as well
What branchial arch has all things "s"? where is it derived from ?
stapes, stylohyoid, styloid, cranial nerve seven
from mesoderm (muscles and arteries) and neural crest cells (bone and cartilage)
your patient is diagnosed with hereditary spherocytosis. what are they most susceptible to that you will have to treat?
s. pneumonia
H influenza
N. menigitis
P aeruginosa (pseudomonas)
E coli
C neoformans (yeast)
K. pneumonia
What do you see on lab in hereditary spherocytosis
Howell-Jolly bodies
Pt had a motorcycle accident where they were flung from their bike. Youre watching for cushing reaction...wait what are you watching for?
cushing triad-hypertension, bradycardia and respiratory depression. sign of intracranial pressure sensed at central barorecptors
Pt has MEN1- what pancreatic tumors could he have?
Zollinger -Ellison syndrome (gastrinomas)
psoriasis is characterized by decreased stratum granulosum and increased stratus spinosum- what are those skin layers again?
california likes girls in string bikinis
psoriasis give you positive Auspitz sign - what is that?
when you scrape off flake it bleeds
Neurotransmitter levels in schizophrenia
increased dopamine in mesolimbic pathway
neurotrasmitter levels in parkinsons
decreased dopamine, increased Ach, increases seratonin
neurotransmitter levels in alzheimers
decreased Ach
neurotransmitter levels for Huntingtons
decreased GABA and Ach
what is type II B error?
when there is a relationship but you say one doesnt exist
What fetal blood vessels/ structures are not in adult circulation?
ductous venosus- ligamentum venosus
ductus arteriosus- ligamentum arteriosus
umbilical artery-medial umbilical ligament
umbilical vein- ligamentum teres in falciform ligament
foramen ovale= fossa ovalis
Your patient is on HAART and taking zidovudine- whats its mechanism of action and bad side effect?
zidovudine is a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor so no DNA is made
causes megaloblastic anemia and bone marrow suppression
Your patient on HAART is on ritonavir. what is the MOA
protease inhibitor-cleaves mRNA
Why do SA and AV nodes have automaticity?
Due to phase 4 slow and spontaneous diastolic depolarization of Na conductance
pediatric patient has nausea and her blood glucose is over 500. What other lab findings will you see?
Diabetic Ketoacidosis:
high H+
low HCO3-
high ketones in urine and blood
hyperkalemia (in plasma not in cells)
metabolic acidosis anion gap
what organisms cause infective endocarditis?
staph aureus= #1
viridans strep
coagulase neg staph (epidermidis)
culture neg endocarditis= HACEK
How does varenicline work?
partial agoinst of nicotinic Ach receptors- used for smoking cessation
black box warning for suicide and depression