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What lab findings distinguish true precocious puberty from pseudoprecocious puberty?
True (Central): ↑ LH/FSH. a dose of GnRH further ↑LH/FSH

Pseudo: ↓LH/FSH, no change with GnRH. (b/c exogenous hormone is suppressing it)
What is the definition of precocious puberty?
Boys: before 9
girls: before 8
What are some of the causes of pseudoprecocious puberty?
Exogenous estrogen
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)
McCune Albright
HPA dysfxn
Hormone secreting tumors (Sertoli-leydig)
What is the definition of premature ovarian failure?
Menopause at age 40 or less
Which hormone level is a/w an increase in basal body temperature? How is basal body temperature a/w ovulation?
Progestin. The increase in basal body temperature occurs 24hrs before ovulation
What are 4 different options for emergency contraception?
1) take 4 to 5 birth control pills in 24hrs
2) Take an estrogen pill (Plan B)
3) Insert a copper IUD
4) Mifeprastone (RU486)
What are the contraindications to OCP use?
female >35 and smoking
Hx of DVT, CVD
Migrane with aura
What medications are known for reducing the effectiveness of OCPs?
things that increase p450.

Smoking, Drinking, Barbiturates, Carbamazepine, Rifampin, Phenytoin (anticonvulsants in general), Griseofulvin
What is the definition of primary amenorrhea?
age 13: no 2ndary sexual characteristics and no period

age 16: no period
What is the first step in any work-up of amenorrhea?

prolactin, TSH, FSH, Testosterone & DHEAS, Progesterone withdraw test
What are the basic components of a workup for secondary amenorrhea?
FSH/LH levels
Primary amenorrhea + absent secondary sexual characteristics + anosmia --> what is the dx?
Kallman's syndrome

congenital absence of GnRH secretion
What is the initial step in the mgmt of a woman presenting with secondary amenorrhea and new galactorrhea with the BHCG is negative
check PRL, check TSH