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what do ACE inhibitors do to fetuses
renal damage
aminoglycoside bad for fetus because
CN VIII damage
DES causes in fetuses...
vaginal clear cell adenocarcinoma
tetracyclines in a fetus
cause stained teeth
valproic acid in fetus
causes neural tube defects
which amino acids are the nuclear localization signals
lysine, arginine and proline, + charge to bind to DNA
what inactivates cyclin-CDK
p21 p27 p57 mediated by p53
what cyclins, CDK are involved in G1--> S
cyclinD binds to CDK4 and phophyorylates Rb which comes off E2F and can progress S phase

cyclin E binds to CDK2 which allows cells to go to S phase
what cyclins, CDK are involved in G2-->M
cyclin A binds to CDK 2--> mitotic phase
cyclin B binds to CDK 1 activated by cdc25 breaks down nuclear envelope
what molecules provide the framework for DNA and nuclear envelope
nuclear lamins
what maust be present on a protein in order for it to get into nucleus
nuclear localization signal
what types of proteins are responsible for fostering the progression through the cell cycle
cyclins and CDK
which tumor supressor proteins prevent S phase progression
Rb and p53
whats I cell disease
lack of mannose phophorylation so secretion out of cell not in lysosomes
death young
corneal clouding
coarse facies
+/- mental retardation
name a heat shock protein
what molecule targets proteins in ER for lysosomes
mannose 6 phosphate
how can cells break down proteins?
ubiquitin proteosome, lysosome, and Ca dependent enzymes
which cells have a lot of smooth ER
liver ( hepatocytes) and adrenal cortex- hormone producing