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Axillary nerve: cause of lesion and consequences
Lesioned by fracture of the surgical neck of the humerus.
Lesion results in loss of deltoid sensation and motor. Can't raise arm more than 10 degrees.
Radial nerve: cause of lesion and consequences.
Cause: Proximally - Saturday night palsy
In spiral groove - fracture of midshaft humerus.
Distal/deep: subluxation of radius.
Consequences: loss of extensors (brachioradialis, extensors, supinators, triceps), loss of sensation over posterior arm, dorsum of hand.
Proximal Median nerve: cause of lesion and consequences
Lesioned by: Supracondylar humerus fracture
Consequence: loss of lateral finger flexion, wrist flexion
Distal median nerve: cause of lesion and consequence
Cause: carpal tunnel syndrome
Consequence: ape hand, loss of thumb opposition.
Proximal Ulnar nerve: cause of lesion and consequence:
Cause: fracture of medial epicondyle - funny bone
Consequence: loss of medial finger flexion, loss of sensation over medial 1.5 fingers.
Distal Ulnar nerve: cause of lesion and consequence
Cause:Fracture of hook of hamate (fallin on outstretched hand)
Consequence; loss of abduction/adduction of fingers (interossei), loss of extension of 4th and 5th fingers (lumbricals)
Musculocuteneous nerve: cause of lesion and consequence
cause: upper trunk compression
Loss of arm flexion at elbow: biceps, brachialis, coracobrachialis. Lateral forearm sensory loss.
Erb-Duchenne Palsy
damage to upper trunk of brachial plexus ( C5-C6)
Causes waiters tip hand.
Klumpke's palsy and thoracic outlet
Affects inferior trunk - C8, T1.
Atrophy of interossei, thenar and hypothenar, sensory deficits on medial side of forearm
Long Thoracic Nerve: causes of lesion and consequences
Cause: mastectomy
Consequence - loss of serratus anterior fxn, winged scapula