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Where is our base radio housed?
It is housed along side of the Police Department's in a small building at the base of the water tower on the west side of Clark Intermediate School.
How many watts of transmit tower does the base radio have?
80 watts
How many feet high is the antenna on the water tower for the base radio?
138 feet high
What is the base radio linked to?
Communication center via a multi conductor cable.
Where does our second repeated channel originate from?
The vault beneath the antenna tower behind the CUSD bus garage at 1450 Herndon.
How is our second repeated radio linked to our dispatch console?
Via a two way radio system
How many feet is the antenna for the secondary radio?
How many watts do our mobile units have?
approx. 40
How many watts do our portable units have?
What does the back up system use?
6KW 2cylinder diesel generator and a seires of deep-cycle marine batteries as a back up to the generator.
There is an alternitive back up radio located at Fire HQ, where exactly is it located?
Fire HQ in a suitcase stored behind the training room.
AC or DC power
Federal Communications Commission
What is the FCC call letters for CFD
What is the call sign for CFD and CPD base station is
This might be old, it might be "Communications" now
How do we respond to a code 2 call?
No lights sirens, opticom is optional
What are the water deficient areas?
Highway 168, Shaw to Locan, all four mobile home parks, any incident north of Herndon Ave in Sta 1's are, the city's landfill area and the water treatment plant
How many gallons does the water tender carry?
2,500 gal