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what does the granulosa cell make?
estrogen and inhibin in response to FSH

Sertoli cell makes activins and inhibin in response to FSH
LH stimulates which female cell?
theca cell

to make androstenedione -->

transported to granulosa cell, where it is made into estrogen upon stimulation by FSH
FSH stimulates what in female?
follicles in the ovary and production of estrogen by granulosa cells
causes of primary amenorrhea
1) pregnancy

2) hypothalamus / pituitary
-Kallmann's, KAL(X-link), FGFS1, neurokinins, leptin, GnRH mut, GnRH receptor mut, FSH, LH mutation

3) ovarian: fibrotic organization of ovary
-turner's 1:2000-5000, mosaics can develop webbed neck, genu valgum, low hairline, madelung deformity, knuckle knuckle dimple knucke, coarctation of aorta,
hashimotos, alopecia, vitiligo

-46XXstreak gonad
-46XY Swyer syndrome - lack of testis determining factor

4) anatomic
-outflow tract or uterus

5) receptor / enzymatic defect
-17OHase def
-3b OH def
evaluation of amneorrhea
absent breast - FSH up = gonadal dysgenesis: karyotype next

uterus asent, FSH nl -- muellerian agenesis or AIS

FSH inappropratly nl or low -- work up of pituitary/hypothalamic amenorrhea
secondary amenorrhea
functional (anorexia, stress)

infiltrating lesions
-lymphoma, langerhans cell histiocytosis, sarcoidosis, craiopharung, mets, ....