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What are the different kinds of birth marks?
-port-wine stain
-salmon patches
-mongolian spots
-cafe au lait spots
What is important to know about children who have cafe au lait birth marks?
having six or more lesions that are >5mm in diameter suggest an underlying disorder.
which birthmark is the most common?
salmon patch
What birthmark doesn't fade with time?
-port-wine stain
(most others fade within 1-6 years)
What is the most common bacterial skin infection in childhood?
cellulitis is most common with what are groups?
2 years and younger
What is the usual tx for cellulitis?
-initial IM or IV dose of antibiotics followed by a 10-day course of oral antibiotics
What is a common medication for the tx of thrush or candidiasis?
What special consideration should be taken for households with children who have tinea infections?
Animals that the child has played with should be carefully inspected for ringworm