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What is superficial mycoses?
The outerlayer of the skin, hair, nails is infected.
What are some examples of superficial mycoses
1)Athletes foot
2)Ring worm
What is the ring work caused by?
Tineas sp.
Superficial mycoses may also cause what?
Cutaneous-infect skin.
What is subcutaneous mycoses?
1)enter via punture wounds
2)Soil borne
3)Slow developing
4)May cause ulcerations and infection of the lymphatic system

What is systemic mycoses?
Dimorphic-mycelial form and yeast like form.
When is the mycelial form predominate.
In the environment
When is the yeast like form predominate?
In the host.
How does aquisition happen for fungi?
usually via the spores and are disseminated through the blood stream and may go to the organs.
Why are fungal diseases hard to treat?
Because they are Euks and we are Euks. The things we use to kill it will also kill our cells
What are some examples of fungal diseases?
Coccidioides immitis
Crytococcus necfermans->infect people with HIv
Histoplasm capsulatum->can go intracellularly
Upwards of __ million people are infected with these fungi worldwide?
40, 500,00 annually.
What is opporunistic mycoses?
Infect individuals with a acompromised immune system
-Rhemathoid arthritis

ex: cryptococcus neoformans
Aspergillus fumigatus
Candida albicans
Pneumocystis carinii-HIV
What are protozoan diseases?
Amebic dysentary
Entameba histlytica
How does aquisistion happen for protozoan?
via cysts that contain protozoan(from contaminated water)
What happens when you are infected with cysts?
They go to the intestinal lining and cause diahrea. Occasionally severity may extend to liver and brain infections.
what is an example of a freshwater amoeba?
Nagleria->can infect brain when people dive in water it can go up through their nose. may also infect contact lenses
What is a major protozoan disease?
Malaria, plasmodium sp, falciparum ovale.
How many people are infected with malaria every year?
How many people die annually bc of malaria?
1 million
Who discovered malaria?
Sir Edmund Ross
How is malaria spread?
1)Infected mosquito saliva containing sporozoites
2)Enter blood stream of human host
3)Can go to liver cells
4)come out as Trophozoites
5)Can infect RBC(merozoites)
6)Divide and cause lysis of RBC that results in chills and fever every 72 hrs.
-or the blood can reenter a mosquito and get into the gut lining and then goes through the sexual stages and can then infect again.
How are people becoming immune to malaria?
Mutation in hemoglobin gene sequence. this occured in west africa.