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Onset, peak effect and repitition of zoledronic acid
onset in 48hr, peak effect in 5-7 days, do not repeat in <7 days
calcitonin for rapid Ca++ decrease dose
calcitonin 4 IU/kg IM or SQ q12h (max 8 IU/kg q6h)
After 2 doses of bisphosphonate for hypercalcemia, 2nd line agents may include:
steroids, plicamycin, phosphates, gallium nitrate
SVCS can be treated with this drug although its clinical bebefit hasn't beed proved
steroids to decrease inflammation
difference between exudate and transudate
exudate = high protein, includes malignant effusions

transudate = low protein
sclerosing agents (3):
talc, bleomycin, doxycycline
best intervention for cancer related fatigue
thalidomide or lenolidomide + what drug = require routine anti-thrombotic therapy