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ir a...
to be going to...
andar en bicicleta
to ride a bike
caminar con el perro
to walk the dog
to have dinner, supper
comer chicharrones
to eat pork rinds
cuidar (a) el animal
to take care of animal
cuidar (a) mi hermano (a)
to take care of my brother (sister)
cuidar (a) el pajaro
to take care of bird
cuidar (a) el pez
to take care of fish
hacer ejercicio
to exercise
ir al supermercado
to go to the supermarket
leer a novela
to read a novel
leer el periodico
to read a newspaper
leer el poema
to read a poem
leer la poesia
to read poetry
leer la revista
to read a magazine
mandar una carta
to send a letter
pasar un rato con los amigos
to spend time with friends
to go for a walk
to paint
preparar la cena
to prepare supper, dinner
preparar la comida
to prepare food, a meal
tocar el piano
to play the piano
tocar la guitarra
to play the guitar
ver la television
to watch television